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Person-Centered Supports-They're for Everyone

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How Will We Know?

We will know that supports are person-centered when we see that ....

People and families have authority over their lives.

People and families feel welcome to express their ideas, needs and preferences. There is understanding and responsiveness to people's creativity and initiative.
Individuals and families have the time and support they need to understand, plan, and become informed to develop their own plans.
People have support to learn about and understand the planning process, the choices available to them, the consequences of such choices, and their responsibilities.
Individuals and their allies lead and direct the development of their support plans with assistance as needed from support coordinators, guardians, professionals, brokers and/or agents.
Individuals and families determine the amount and types of supports they use.
"People have the right to make mistakes and try again."

People and families determine their own supports.

People and families have access to a wide range of home and community services, including personal assistance, transportation, assistive technology, and supports in school, on the job and in the community.
There is support and encouragement for the choice and use of generic services, including faith communities and other social service networks.
Based on qualities that they believe are important, people and families have free choice in hiring, firing, supervising and training support workers or selecting providers.
Individuals and families have access to a "report card" system to assist them to find and evaluate sources of services and supports to meet their needs.
Individuals are empowered to choose where and with whom they live. Public policy promotes the availability of housing options and enforces universal design criteria.

Individuals and families control the money available for their supports.

Public dollars are portable and flexible and are tied to people and families.
Dollars change as people's needs and circumstances change.
Individuals and families have the authority to manage dollars and design an individual budget that takes into account the person's wants and needs along with the resources available to the person.
Assistance is available to individuals and families to help them to manage individual budgets, including fiscal intermediaries.
There are efficient and effective methods of acquiring and paying for services that embody best practices and are people/family friendly, including the use of vouchers, coupons, simplified administration and reporting to individuals and families.
"Money equals power and therefore choice."



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