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Working with Parents Who Have Cognitive Limitations


Working with Parents who have Cognitive Limitations is a video developed by Iris Publications with funding from the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development. Prior to writing the content, the authors conducted focus group research that was inclusive of parent who have intellectual disabilities. The outcome is described in the research summary:

“an instructional video for elementary school teachers to raise awareness about this population of parents, and to inform about ways to develop respectful relationships, communicate effectively and promote the self-determination of parents. In addition, written materials providing a summary of the video content and handouts for parents were developed.”

The DVD contains three programs:
- Teachers Supporting Student Learning (25 min.)
- Nurses Supporting Access to Health Care (27 min.)
- Social Service Providers Supporting Families (27 min.)

The packet includes a viewer's guide with Links to online resources, printable posters, and a printable visual prescription form

Results of an evaluation done of the DVDs and accompanying material (copied from Research Summary):
"The product developed and tested in Phase I had a significant positive effect, increasing teachers' knowledge about how to work with and support parents with cognitive limitations. In addition, the product was well-received by this group of professionals. These results are striking, considering that almost all the teachers who evaluated this product were quite experienced; 87% had taught for 5 or more years. This outcome demonstrates that the lack of knowledge about parents with cognitive limitations in professionals who interact with parents can be overcome with appropriate training materials."

Excerpts and other information from the publisher’s description , and evaluation summary on the publisher’s website. Both were viewed on 7/3/2010.

Contact Info:
Organization:IRIS Media Inc.
Address:258 East 10th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401

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