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Disability: A Diversity Model Approach in Human Service Practice, Third Edition

Authors: Romel W. Mackelprang, DSW, MSW, Richard O. Salsgiver, PhD,

ISBN: 978-1935871675


Here is a description of the book modified slightly from that on Amazon.com:

"The third edition of Disability remains an indispensable tool for human service practitioners in understanding disability from an empowerment perspective. The authors address policy, theory, description, and practice, stressing the difference of disability rather than the dysfunction of disability. The text is illustrated with in-depth personal narratives by those living with disability and thought-provoking sidebars that ask readers to consider the implications of their own reactions to disability.

The book establishes the historical and societal context in which those with disabilities are marginalized, discusses the major groupings of disabilities, and finally offers a model for assessment and practice that human service practitioners can adopt. It develops a contemporary perspective in which people with disabilities are considered valuable and contributing members of society. Using this book, students will find not only a prescription for professional assessment and practice, but also the necessary understanding of common issues those with disabilities face, the social contexts in which they live, and the tools to work with people with disabilities as equals and partners.

Strengths of the Third edition:
- New! Provides a broader North American perspective and includes more international content

- Expanded! Increased attention to issues of aging with disability and disabilities that develop with age

- Updated! All statistical information has been updated to reflect current research and demographic data

- Remains one of the very few texts that provides a social perspective on disability rather than treating disability as a condition of psychological or physical dysfunction

- Instructor's manual, including PowerPoints, video podcasts by the authors, and exams for each chapter."

* Note: The publisher of this book has gone out of business so it is now out of print. Click on the "Web Links" tab above to check if copies are available on Amazon.com.

Description modified on 4/5/2017 from www.amazon.com/Disability-Diversity-Approach-Service-Practice/dp/1935871676/ref=dp_ob_title_bk

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