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School to Work Fact Sheet

Authors: Maryland Department of Disabilities


This is a fact sheet from the Maryland Department of Disabilities, click on the "Web Links" tab above to download it as a PDF. It explains the various programs and opportunities that are available to youth as they make the transition from high school to work. This fact sheet organizes information under the following headings:

-General transitioning youth programs resources
-The Maryland Youth Leadership Forum
-Internships, apprenticeships and mentors
-Summer jobs and part-time work
-Social security work incentives

Contact information for the programs mentioned is listed in the resources section of this fact sheet.

Contact Info:
Organization:Maryland Department of Disabilities
Address:217 E. Redwood Street
Suite 1300
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Phone:410-767-3660, 1-800-637-4113

Web Links

Download the fact sheet as a PDF

Maryland Department of Disabilities Homepage

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