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The State of Disability in America

Authors: James P. Baker, David B. Mixner, Seth D. Harris


This report mostly explained the major historical events that had brought the disability movement to where it was in 2008, and also reviewed the challenges that remained, here is an abstract prepared by The Clearinghouse for Home and Community Based Services:

"The primer is an examination and consolidation of current and existing research on the overall state of affairs for individuals with disabilities. It includes chapters on disability rights, healthcare, education, employment, housing, and organizing for change. It also includes personal stories and quotes from disability rights advocates and trail blazers."

- The State of Disability in America
- Disability Rights in America
- Healthcare and Independence
- A Free and Appropriate Public Education
- Fulfilling Employment
- A Home of Your Own
- The Life Without Limits Project: Organizing for Change

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Contact Info:
Organization:United Cerebral Palsy
Address:1660 L Street NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036
Cost:Free PDF Download

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