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New Horizons North


New Horizons North (NHN) was the winner of AAMR's 1998 Full Community Inclusion Award. It is also one of four agencies featured in the book "Closing the Shop: Conversion from Sheltered to Integrated Work" (Murphy & Rogan, Paul Brookes Publishing, 1995).

New Horizons is the sole provider of employment services in a two-county area of northwest Wisconsin, Ashland and Bayfield counties. There are no congregated services in this two-county area, and NHN uses a completely individualized model of support. It closed two groups homes and a sheltered workshop in the 1980's.

This is a largely rural area with the largest town 9000 people. NHN supports about 150 individuals, half with the label of developmental disabilities and half diagnosed with mental illness.

The program differs from others which have closed segregated programs in four significant and unique ways:

1. Others have closed segregated workshops, but have individuals working in enclaves or socializing in small groups. New Horizons has individualized work situations for each person.

2. Each individual is an employee of the community business which employs them. They are not agency employees.

3. Each job is individually designed and carved out for each person's capabilities and strengths.

4. The conversion process included altering the agency's relationship with the community, and altering the relationships of individuals with disabilities with the community. Employers became the agency's partners in pursuing employment for all citizens. The business community sees these individuals as "theirs," as community citizens, not as belonging to the human services system.

Contact Info:
Organization:New Horizons North
Address: 514 Main St. West
Ashland, WI 54891

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