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Stone Soup Group


Stone Soup Group is an Alaskan Non Profit organization devoted to meeting the needs of children and families with "special needs." The organization operates from the perspective of four main core values: respect, family centeredness, excellence, and partnership. Stone Soup Group originated in 1992 as the product of collaboration between parents, healthcare providers, and social workers in Alaska who were committed to a spirit of collaboration and excellence for children and families with disabilities.

Stone Soup Group serves children birth to 26 as well as their caregivers and professionals supports. The organization offers information, support, resources, and training covering topics such as healthcare, schools, access to services, transitions, and military support. Stone Soup Group runs a parent mentor and navigator program to connect Alaskan families with one another and also offers mini grants to cover family expenses not covered by insurance.

Stone Soup Group is devoted to making space for the stories and experiences of Alaskan families affected by disability as well as serving and empowering families towards their own thriving.

Contact Info:
Organization:Stone Soup Group
Address:307 E Northern Lights Blvd
Anchorage, AK 99503

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