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Gentle Teaching International


Gentle Teaching International is an organization focused on bringing the principles of gentle teaching to the general public. The organization produces a variety of resources including digital booklets and youtube videos, all focused on gentle teaching. Further, the organization hosts an annual conference on gentle teaching that brings together practitioners and interested individuals from across nations.

Here is a description of gentle teaching copied from the website:
"Gentle Teaching is many things. Gentleness toward others, in spite of what anyone does or does not do, is the critical factor. It is a paradox. Fists are met with hugs. Cursing is met with words of affection and nurturing. Spiteful eyes are met with warmth. Gentleness recognizes that all change is mutual and interwoven. It starts with caregivers and, hopefully, touches those who are most marginalized. Its central focus is to express unconditional love. It is the framework around a psychology of human interdependence. The main idea of gentleness is not to get rid of someone else’s behaviors, but to deepen our own inner feelings of gentleness in the face of violence or disregard.

Gentle Teaching is also a teaching approach. As such, it has four initial teaching purposes—to teach others to feel safe, loved, loving, and engaged. These do not just happen. They are taught through repeated acts of love. Gentle caregivers learn to use their presence, hands, words, and eyes as their primary teaching tools to uplift and honor others"

Description copied on 12/11/15 from gentleteaching.com/about-gentle-teaching/. Click on the "Web Links" tab above to download a nice brochure that further explains gentle teaching.

Contact Info:
Name:Cam Dore
Organization:Gentle Teaching International
Address:31581 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, BC V2T1T8

Web Links

Visit the Gentle Teaching International home page

Download a brochure to learn more about Gentle Teaching

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