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The Frst-time Manager, Sixth Edition

Authors: Loren B. Belker, Jim McCormick, Gary S. Topchik

ISBN: Print, 9780814417836, Digital/e-book: 9780814417843


This book contains expert information on the basics of the job and also discusses critical issues in management. The sixth edition has 227 pages of content arranged in 39 mostly short chapters. They are organized as follows:

Part One: "So you’re going to manage people" (8 Chapters covering topics like building personal confidence, active listening, and developing a managerial style)

Part Two: "Tackling your new duties" (8 Chapters covering topics like hiring, training, managing, and disciplining)

Part Three: "Working with people, building relationships, and managing risks" (8 Chapters covering topics like working with a Human Resources Department, motivating others, encouraging innovation, and improving outcomes)

Part Four: "Job descriptions, performance appraisals, and salary administration" (3 Chapters, one on each topic)

Part Five: "Improving and developing yourself" (9 Chapters covering topics like emotional intelligence, time management, delegation, and professional development)

Part Six: "The complete person" (3 Chapters covering topics like coping with stress and having a balance in life)

Description based on Amazon book preview viewed on 9/26/14 at www.amazon.com/First-Time-Manager-Loren-B-Belker/dp/0814417833/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1411766211&sr=1-1&keywords=first+time+manager. Click on the “Web Links” tab above to go there to read the book’s introduction and excerpts from several chapters.

Contact Info:
Organization:American Management Association
Address:Sales Department
1601 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
ISBN:Print, 9780814417836, Digital/e-book: 9780814417843
Cost:$17.95 (softcover book from publisher), $9.39 (Kindle version from Amazon.com)

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