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CommunityWorks: PATH and Creative Facilitation Training


This agency offers training and technical assistance provided by David and Faye Wetherow, who have long been involved in innovative service development, training and facilitation in the field of community living. They created the first "micro-boards," now a permanent feature on the US and Canadian scene. They also developed Prairie Housing Co-op (inclusive cooperative housing), PRT Manufacturing Co-op (an inclusive worker-owned manufacturing company), L'Avenir Co-op (a family- and consumer-governed service agency), the Open Access Resource Centre, and some of Canada's earliest supported employment, individualized funding, and personal support projects.

Participants from human service agencies, schools and school divisions, businesses, economic development, advocacy, philanthropic and community action groups will:
- Learn tools for dealing with complex problems in turbulent environments
- Develop and communicate a compelling vision of the future
- Learn effective, proven methods for moving from dreams to action
- Facilitate goal-setting, action planning, and problem-solving
- Help teams move towards consensus, commitment and conflict resolution
- Explore community-building, capacity-finding, and strategies for finding the 'places' where individual gifts can be welcomed

Contact Info:
Name:David P. Wetherow
Address:161 Shelly Road - Unit 4
Parksville, BC V9P 2H8

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