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Disabled and Challenged: Reach for Your Dreams!

Authors: Terry Scott Cohen, Barry M. Cohen, Ph.D

ISBN: 0976952408


"My Disability Isn't In Charge of My Life. I am."

These are the wise words of Terry Scott Cohen, who from a very young age began learning to accept and conquer the many challenges he faces with myotonic muscular dystrophy. It has never been easy, but Cohen has met his challenges with great determination and hard work.

Now, with his psychologist dad, Barry M. Cohen, Ph.D., Cohen has written an inspiring book for young people who are facing life-long disabilities of all kinds - and for those who love and care for them as well. Terry shares his experiences and know-how for reaching a full life. He speaks frankly and in a language that children and young adults can easily understand and enjoy, peppering sage advice amid personal anecdotes to help others cope with the many challenges ahead.

While Cohen is “not an expert, just a young adult who wants a full life,” he discusses in clear, straightforward language such practical topics as: getting doctors to stop talking over your head and scaring you, making good friends, interviewing and landing a job, having fun, what to do with people who don’t give you a chance or expect next to nothing from you, girlfriends and boyfriends, and planning for the future.

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Cost:$13.50 (Amazon.com on 10/15/2013)

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