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2012 National Survey on Abuse of People with Disabilities

Authors: Disability and Abuse Project


This is the first national survey of its kind -- one that focuses on incidents of, response to, and attitudes about, abuse or crime victimization of children and adults with disabilities.

The sample:
Some 7,289 people completed the online survey during May through October 2012. In addition to 1,249 people with disabilities, 2,501 of their family members, and 1,106 administrators of agencies that provide services to people with disabilities, the survey was also taken by 1,234 advocates. Hundreds of protective services workers, therapists, and law enforcement personnel also responded to the survey.

Here are a few examples of the key findings from this survey:
- More than 70% of people with disabilities who took the survey reported they had been victims of abuse.

- More than 90% of people with disabilities who were victims of abuse said they had experienced such abuse on multiple occasions.

- Among people with disabilities who reported being victims of abuse, nearly two-thirds did not report it to the authorities.

- In most cases when victims with disabilities reported incidents of abuse to authorities, nothing happened. Alleged perpetrators were arrested in a small percentage of cases reported to authorities

- More than 73% of people with disabilities who participated in the survey reported they had been victims of bullying. Most of these victims had experienced bullying on multiple occasions, with 38% saying that their victimization had lasted for years.

- Most people with disabilities who are victims of abuse or bullying do not receive counseling or therapy.

- When therapy was provided, 83% of people with disabilities who were victims say that it was helpful to them.

More information about the survey including a full report of the results, recommendations, quotes from victims and tips for responding to abuse can be found on the Disability and Abuse Project website that is listed under the "Web Links" tab above.

-Information taken from the Disability and Abuse Project website viewed on 9/7/13 (http://disabilityandabuse.org/survey)

Contact Info:
Name:Dr. Nora J. Baladerian
Title:Project Director
Organization:Disability and Abuse Project of Spectrum Institute
Address:2100 Sawtelle Blvd., Suite 204
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Cost:No cost

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