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Makin' It

Authors: Kenneth Moore with Amanda Dion-Moore

ISBN: 1492283797 / 9781492283799


"Makin' It" is written through the heart and mind of Kenneth G. Moore, age 28. Ken was born with many cognitive challenges. Read as Ken experiences adoption, foster care, special education, residential treatment, and group homes, facing each of these challenges with strength and creativity. "Makin' It" offers a rare opportunity to see into the reality of living with multiple life challenges like FASD, ADHD and Tourettes. He'll also tell you how a service dog, Limey, offered a new direction for his life.

Ken writes: "As I am sharing my story I am realizing how exhausting pulling out my memories are. They are little pieces of my life and me, some of which I have left hidden and never shared. But as a grown man I really want to help young people and families to avoid some of what I lived through. And perhaps give new understanding to adults and professionals who think they know what they know, and miss out on some of our truth.

Recommended reading for anyone who loves, educates or works with persons who face challenges.

Contact Info:
Name:Kenneth G. Moore
ISBN:1492283797 / 9781492283799

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