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Assessment of Mental Health Problems

Authors: Steve Hardy and Peter Woodward


Description taken from the producers website:

"Taking into account current developments in services and treatment, this resource has been rewritten and extended to provide a variety of training techniques to develop the skills and knowledge that support staff need to meet the mental health needs of people with learning disabilities.

Assessment of mental health problems
Total timing: 3 hours, 25 minutes
Session 1: Biological/psychological/social approach - Time allocated: 30 minutes
Session 2: Background to mental health assessment - Time allocated: 25 minutes
Session 3: Mental health assessment - Time allocated: 80 minutes
Session 4: Diagnosis and case studies - Time allocated: 70 minutes

Content: introduction, module content, handouts, slides, evaluation forms and video case vignettes.

Vital information for: professionals, nurses, support staff, psychologists, psychiatrists, trainers, community and inpatient services."

Information taken from:
http://www.pavpub.com/p-123-assessment-of-mental-health-problems.aspx as viewed on 7/26/13.

Contact Info:
Organization:Pavilion Publishers
Address:Rayford House
School Road
Hove, East Sussex BN3 5HX
Phone:011+44+01273 434943 Tel non UK:011 + 44 (0) 1273 434943
Fax:011+44+01273 227308
E-mail: info@pavpub.com
Cost:20.00 (26.58 in U.S. dollars)

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