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When Bill met Shelley: No disability could keep them apart

Authors: Ellen McCarthy, The Washington Post Magazine


In February of 2013 the Washington Post Magazine published an article about two people who had intellectual disabilities and recently got married. The article is very interesting and available online, here is an overview of their story:

-Bill and Shelley met in high school, fell in love, but then lost contact with each other for several years.

-They were reunited on a vacation and shortly thereafter decided to move in together.

-They struggled with boundaries and worked with a relationship counselor.

-After a few years, they decided to get married.

-Both Bill and Shelley have intellectual disabilities, Bill has Down Syndrome and Shelley has hydrocephalus.

At the top of the article, there's a four minute video that tells the story through the words of Bill and Shelley.

Description based on a review of the news story as viewed online on 11/5/2013 at www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/liveblog/wp/2013/02/07/when-bill-met-shelley-no-disability-could-keep-them-apart/

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Read the story and watch a 4 minute video

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