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United Methodist Committee on Disability Ministries


This committee is comprised of thirteen representatives from the various jurisdictions, who, along with advisors from other groups and consultants, work to lead the United Methodist Church in becoming a welcoming place for people with any disability. The entire group meets once a year. It reviews goals and progress during monthly conference calls. Their web site, established in 2010, provides resources on disabilities and spirituality to congregations and individuals, as well as being an advocate for disability concerns.

Click on the "Web Links" tab above and visit the "Resources" page of their website, there are links to many online articles helpful in thinking about, and building inclusive, Methodist faith communities.

-Description taken from the "History" section of the United Methodist Committee on Disability Ministries website viewed on 6/3/13 (www.umdisabilityministries.org/1000.html)

Contact Info:
Name:Patricia Magyar
Organization:United Methodist Task Force on Disability Ministries
Address:UMCOR Health
475 Riverside Drive, 15th floor
New York, NY 10115

Web Links


Facebook Page

Information Welcome Card (PDF)

Visit the "Resources" page with links to many interesting articles

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