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2012 National Transition Conference Resources: College and Careers for Youth with Disabilities

Authors: This conference was sponsored by the US Department of Education – Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)


Breakout Session Materials
Breakout session materials have been organized by theme track. Clicking on a theme track will take you to a Dropbox folder with the presentation materials or a session folder if the presenter provided multiple documents.

The materials are organized according to the seven program tracks. Here are the tracks with the individual session titles:

•Employment (High Tech Prep for STEM Careers, Self Employment as Career Opportunity, and SSA benefits - What you need to know)

•Family Engagement (Paso a Paso--Making Transitions Work, Key to a Successful Transition- Independence, and Transition Planning for Culturally - Linguistically Diverse Youth)

•Partnerships (Establishing the National Youth Transitions Center, Interagency Partnerships, Shelby Nurse - From PreK to College, Supporting Youth - Lessons from My Life Project, Accessible Transportation in Transition Planning, By Design or Happenstance A Model of a Successful Partners...Students with ID, Improving Transition Education, P&As PTIs CPRCs Collaborating to Support, and Seamless Transition Practices A National Perspective)

•Poster (Implementing Strength based transition, National Perspective Postsecondary Education and Employment Experiences, and Preparing Young Adults for Independence)

•Program Policy (Building Capacity and Maintaining Momentum----Effective Practices for Successful Postsecondary Outcomes -Penn, Nothing But the Best VT Model, Partnerships in Employment - Transition Systems Change, Improving Post School Outcomes, and Journey to Enlightenment AZ PSO)

•Secondary and Postsecondary Education (College STAR Supporting Transition Access & Retention, Remembering Assistive Tech, The Elephant in the Room -Strategies to Succeed, 93 Real Stories AmeriCorps, Andrew Moore YoursMine&Ours, and It Happens After Class)

•Student Development (Transition Planning for Youth with Developmental Disabilities using Tech, Transition Through Technology, and 224 Preparing Young Adults for Independence)

Information taken from: http://www.transition2012.org/

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