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Getting to Community: Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities in their Pursuit of the Good Life

Authors: Susan Stanfield

ISBN: 978-1-300-18380-8


Susan Stanfield, educator, author and Spectrum Society founding director has written an important book for front line community support workers, focusing on promoting self determination and great lives for people with disabilities.

Individual rights and freedoms that didn't exist for people with developmental disabilities are now being recognized , for the first time in history. The expectations of people coming into services have changed, and will continue to change as people claim their rightful place in community. The next chapter of the community living movement is being written right now, by the people who are living it. Self advocates are claiming this movement as their own, emerging as leaders in their own right as never before. The skills people needed to support their self determination -- to support people to author their own lives, to paraphrase John O'Brien -- are different skills than the ones we have relied on in the past. This book is for the front line supporters who will walk with this generation into the future and work with them to navigate a path forward.

From a review by Barbara Trader, TASH Executive Director: “Susan offers an elegant and precise voice to a new era of supporting interdependence and authentic roles for people with disabilities as they make their own choices in their homes, workplaces, neighbourhoods and associational lives.”

Contact Info:
Name:Jim Reynolds
Organization:Spectrum Press
Address:3231 Kingsway
Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 5K3
Cost:$25.00 or $200 for 10 books

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