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Early Intervention and Autism: Real-Life Questions, Real-Life Answers

Authors: Jim Ball

ISBN: ISBN-10: 1932565558; ISBN-13: 978-1932565553


This book is written by a behavioral analyst, here is a excerpt from the publisher's description:

"This book will guide you through your child’s early years by providing sound advice based on over twenty years of experience. In an easy-to-read, question-answer format, Dr. Jim explains what makes your child tick, how to get the most out of early intervention services, and how to choose the most effective treatment options. Helpful features include: 10 Common Myths about Children with ASD, 7 Effective Teaching Strategies, 10 Behavior Rules to Live By, and Must-have EI Goals and Objectives for Children with ASD. In a special how-to section in the book, Dr. Jim walks you through a typical day in the life of a young child with autism, from the time the child wakes up to the time he goes to bed. You will learn what to do (and not do), what to say (and not say), and how to use the strategies outlined in the book to teach your child new skills, manage behavior, and have fun while learning!"

Here are the chapter and appendice titles:
Chapter 1 - A Real-life Look at the Autism Spectrum

Chapter 2 - Family Issues: The Personal Side of Autism

Chapter 3 - What is Early Intervention?

Chapter 4 - Building Your Dream Team

Chapter 5 - Assessment: A Picture of Your Child’s Strengths and Challenges

Chapter 6 - Blueprint for a Perfect Program

Chapter 7 - Options, Options, Options! Choosing the Right Intervention Model for the ASD Child

Chapter 8 - From Good to Bad to Meltdown: Understanding Your Child’s Behavior Challenges

Chapter 9 - Little Kids, Big Issues: Sleeping, Eating, Toilet Training & Independence

Chapter 10 - The Next Step: Transitioning from Early Intervention to Public School Programs
More Real-life Advice Glossary References

Appendix A - A Day in the Life

Appendix B - Sample IFSP for a Child with ASD

Appendix C - Toilet Training … Is Your Child Ready?

Appendix D - Guidelines for Theory & Practice & COSAC Position Statement on Treatment Recommendations

Appendix E - National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC) & List of Part C Lead Agencies

Information taken from the publishers website: http://store.fhautism.com/p-161-early-intervention-and-autism-real-life-questions-real-life-answers.aspx

Contact Info:
Organization:Future Horizons Inc
Address:721 W. Abram St.
Arlington,, TX 76013
ISBN:ISBN-10: 1932565558; ISBN-13: 978-1932565553

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