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A Bit Missing Blog


From the "About" section of the blog:

"Iíve tried writing blogs before but never quite managed to keep to the theme, so this one has no real theme, though common oneís will crop up from time to time.

Iím a middle aged mum of three adult kids, all of whom have abandoned me to live their own lives ( leaving me with their Father AKA Victor Meldrew!). Despite having three jobs now I seem to have more time to reflect ( Iíll be doing a lot of reflecting!) and to have the occasional rant now I no longer have my children to rant at!

Much of this Blog will be about G, my disabled son, (the one baby bird I never expected to fly the nest) who despite being profoundly disabled has taught me more than I could ever begin to teach him."

-Taken from the A Bit Missing WordPress blog viewed online on 7/11/12 (abitmissing.wordpress.com/about/)

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