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Dual Diagnosis: A Guide for Caregivers

Authors: Susan Scharoun, Ph.D


This 34-page guide explains the diagnosis of intellectual disability combined with mental illness diagnoses. It is written in a technical manner and the information is organized into the following four sections:

WHAT is Dual Diagnosis? -Reviews legal and medical definitions of the dual diagnosis of intellectual disability and mental health diagnoses.

WHY Is It So Hard To Make This Diagnosis? -Reviews the four major types of mental health diagnoses and considerations relevant when diagnosing and treating a person with intellectual disabilities.

HOW is a Dual Diagnosis Established? -Reviews several explanations for atypical behaviors that do not indicate mental illness and provides an overview of functional behavioral analysis.

WHERE Can I Go to Learn More? -Provides an extensive list of organizations that can provide further information about assisting people with dual diagnoses.

Based on on-line review of the guidebook, as viewed on 4/27/12 at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/50556845/Dual-Diagnosis-A-Guidebook-for-Caregivers-2010-by-Healthy-Transitions

Contact Info:
Name:Susan Scharoun, Ph.D.
Title:Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology Dept.
Organization:Syracuse University
Address:Reilly Hall Room 201
Syracuse, NY 13244
Phone:(315) 445-4138
Cost:Can be downloaded from the web at no cost

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