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Alone in a Crowded Room

Authors: Lucy Paplinska (Writer/Director)


This film was made in Melbourne, Australia, here is a description taken from the Licketty Split website:

"A documentary film that tells the stories of four adults with autism. James, Jeanette, Wendy and Akash share with the audience their difficulties with perception, empathy, emotion, and the practicalities of daily life and open the door into a world that has often been described as unreachable.

Writer/Director Lucy Paplinska filmed the documentary over a period of four years, during which she developed very strong relationships with each of the four characters. As a result, she was able to produce an in-depth and intimate look at life as an adult with autism."

Viewed on 2/8/12 (lickettysplit.com.au/?page_id=11)

Contact Info:
Organization:Licketty Split Pty Ltd
Phone: +61 3 9481 7238
Cost:$35.00 (includes shipping)

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