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The First Year: Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Essential Guide for Your Newly Diagnosed Child

Authors: Nancy D. Wiseman

ISBN: ISBN 10: 160094065X; ISBN 13: 9781600940651


This book walks parents through the issues to consider and steps to take in the first 12 months after learning their child may have autism. Written by a parent, the information is presented in non-technical language and acknowledges the emotional struggles parents often experience as they learn about their child’s disability. Here is how the book is described on movparent.com, a website of Parent magazine:

“This book is layed out in a day-by-day and month-by-month format, with topics that cover living and learning.

As the author says at the beginning, you don't have to follow a strict guideline of doing things in that format, it may take some people more time and others less time to cover everything in this book.

The author prioritizes what you need to learn and cover from the moment of diagnosis and forward. She covers the top ten essential actions, financial planning, the child's educational needs and much more. The book also has milestones to mark and celebrate throughout the book.
This book would be a huge help to parents just learning about their child's autism.”

The author, Nancy Wiseman, is the director of a non-profit organization, “First Steps,” and has other products to share. Click on the “Web Links” to learn more about this book, it’s author, and the organization.

Book description above copied from the movparent.com website viewed on 2/20/2012 at www.movparent.com/page/content.detail/id/500135/Books-for-families-with-autism.html?nav=5010

Contact Info:
Name:Nancy Wiseman
Title:Book's author
Organization:First Steps, Inc.
Address:PO Box 358
Merimac, Maine 01860
E-mail:info@first steps.org
ISBN:ISBN 10: 160094065X; ISBN 13: 9781600940651
Cost:$16.95 or cheaper from Amazon

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