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The National Association of QDDPs


Here is a description of this membership organization copied from its website:

The National Association of Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals (NAQDDP) was formed in 1996 as the result of a recognized need by QDDPs Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals/QMRPs - Qualified Mental Retardation Professionals (also known as Case Managers) to establish a strong resource for research, networking, and addressing issues that concern QDDPs today. Although there were a few states that had formed groups by and for QDDPs, the need to form an organization that would address the historical, conceptual, methodological and ethical issues confronting the QDDP today on a national level was evident. The National Conference of QDDPs provides a forum to share information pertinent to the diverse interests of QDDPs."

NAQDDP currently holds an annual conference and publishes a newsletter for its members. It also offers an extensive training program for persons wanting to be certified as QDDPP's.

Copied on 8/29/14 from www.qddp.org/about-naq

Contact Info:
Name:Hollly Janczak
Organization:National Association of QDDPs
Address:2081 Calistoga Drive, Suite 1S
New Lenox, Illinois 60451
Cost:membership cost--$55.00/yr

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