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Web-based articles on Intellectual Disabilities:

Authors: Gulf Bend Center - Victoria, Texas


This website has 54 articles on a variety of topics around what intellectual disabilities are and how best to support and advocate for the people who have them. The articles are written at a college reading level, and average 650-700 words. All of the articles are authored by the same three people, Tammy Reynolds, B.A., C.E. Zupanick, Psy.D. & Mark Dombeck, Ph.D.. Below are the six headings used to organize the articles, with a sampling of titles found under each.

- Introduction to Intellectual Disabilities (10 articles, sample titles: What Is an Intellectual Disability? ; Onset and Prevalence of Intellectual Disabilities)

- Causes of Intellectual Disabilities (11 articles, sample titles: Environmental Causes of Intellectual Disabilities: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ; Medical Causes of Intellectual Disabilities: Infections and Brain Damage; Genetic Causes of Intellectual Disabilities: Down Syndrome; and Psychiatric Conditions That May Cause Intellectual Disabilities)

- Diagnosis of Intellectual Disabilities (10 articles, sample titles: Psychological Tests and Intellectual Disabilities; and Tests of Adaptive Behavioral Skills)

- Historical & Contemporary Perspectives of Intellectual Disabilities (8 articles, sample titles: Early Medical Explanations of Intellectual Disability; and History of Stigmatizing Names for Intellectual Disabilities

- Intellectual Disabilities & Supportive Rehabilitation (11 articles, sample titles: Developing an Individualized Support Plan (ISP); and Effective Teaching Methods for People With Intellectual Disabilities)

- Support for Families of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (4 articles, titles: Additional Support Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families: Community Supports; Additional Support Services: Financial Supports; Additional Support Services: Family Supports; Additional Support Services: Advocacy and Legal Supports)

- Intellectual Disabilities Summary and Conclusion

- Intellectual Disabilities Resources & References

Description based on an online review of the articles completed 1/13/2012 (entry page URL: www.gulfbend.org/poc/center_index.php?cn=208)

Contact Info:
Organization:Gulf Bend Center
Address:6502 Nursery Drive, Suite 100
Victoria, TX 77904
Phone:(361) 575-0611; (800) 421-8825
Cost:fact sheet is free

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