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"And Thatís How I got Free of My Isolation" - Conversations on Isolation

Authors: Patrick McDonagh (Filmmaker)


A very brief desciption of the film, and the filmmaker's bio:

The documentary
ďAnd Thatís How I got Free of My IsolationĒ Conversations on Isolation is a "21 minute DVD documentary in which Patrick McDonagh interviews self-advocate leaders with disabilities about their lives and relationships as they move from segregated to integrated and interdependent lives."

The Filmmaker (Patrick McDonagh)
Patrick is the author of numerous articles on the history of ideas of cognitive or intellectual disability, learning difficulties, autism, idiocy, folly, and related concepts. He has donated all proceeds from this DVD to further the cause of supporting people with disabilities to share their stories.

Sources (copied on 6/29/11):
Description from the Spectrum Press's website at http://spectrumpress.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/and-that-is-how-i-got-free-of-my-isolation-conversations-on-isolation-a-documentary

Bio from Mr. McDonagh's homepage at http://www.patrickmcdonagh.net/

Contact Info:
Organization:Spectrum Press
Address:3231 Kingsway
Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 5K3

Web Links

Information about the DVD on the publisher's website

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