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Cooking by Color: Recipes for Independence

Authors: Joan Guthrie Medlen, MEd, RD; Illustrations by Julie Felton

ISBN: 978-0-9786118-1-1


Here is a description taken directly from the publisher’s website:

“Cooking by Color is not just a cookbook. It’s a method. Using color coding, universal design for learning, and plain language, the information in this book is presented to set every cook up for a successful experience in the kitchen.

Originally designed for teens and adults with disabilities, the system is useful to many others including college students, novice cooks, or anyone eager to take charge of their cooking and menu planning. Cooking by Color has been tested by a number of teens and adults. The Cooking by Color System consists of:

* Color coding for measuring tools.
* Color coding for cutting boards.
* Easy-to-understand instructions in list order.
* Visual cues for balancing meals.
* Tips for success in the kitchen.

The Cooking by Color system is helpful for setting new cooks up for success.”

The author of this system is Joan Guthrie Medlen and it is published by Phronesis Publishing, both with unique stories. Joan is a registered, licensed dietician who holds an Advanced Certificate in Adult Weight Management from the American Dietetic Association, and is also the mother of two young men, one of whom has autism, Down syndrome, celiac disease, and limited speech. Phronesis Publishing is a family-based company initiated by Joan, from the website:

“My goal is to positively impact the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities -at all ages and stages of life – and their families by providing useful tools for families, professionals, and people with disabilities. I believe everyone is entitled to an enviable life. I am thankful that my family shares my vision for people with intellectual disabilities and are willing to support and help. Phronesis Publishing, LLC, is also the incubator of an internship for my youngest son who has Down syndrome, autism, celiac disease, and is nonverbal.”

Information copied from the Phronesis Publishing website as viewed on 4/20/2011 (Home page: downsyndromenutrition.com)

Contact Info:
Name:Joan Guthrie Medlen, MEd, RD
Organization:Phronesis Publishing
Address:3638 SW Vesta St
Portland, OR 97219

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