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The Knowledge and Skills for Social Care Workers series

Authors: Suzan Collins


The "Knowledge and Skills for Social Care Workers" series was developed in the United Kingdom for those employed supporting people with disabilities. They prepare DSPs to be tested at Level 3 under the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) for those who work with vulnerable people. The NVQs provide an opportunity for DSPs to be recognized for their education and experience, Level 3 means the person can work with little supervision across many settings.

The books in the series are:

Book 1: Supporting Positive Behaviour
From publisher's description:
"Supporting Positive Behaviours examines the underlying reasons for the behaviour, ways to spot challenges before they occur and strategies to minimise or prevent incidents. This interactive workbook will help staff to understand appropriate interventions, how to monitor and record challenging behaviour, and implement strategies that will reduce the behaviours over time."

This book has 11 chapters, here is a sampling of the titles:
- What is behaviour?
- Causes of challenging behaviour.
- How to minimize and/or prevent challenging behaviour.
- Taking care of yourself and being supported.

Book 2: Supporting Relationships and Friendships
From publisher's description:
"Supporting Relationships and Friendships looks at how to assess social skills and the qualities needed in a friend."

This book has 14 chapters, here is a sampling of the titles:
- What is Friendship?
- The Practicalities of Going Out.
- Monitoring, Recording, Reporting and Risk.
- Sexual Relationships and Risk.

Book 3: Effective Communication
From publisher's description:
"Effective Communication includes practical guidance on using communication tools, such as computers, staff photo rota boards and pictorial menu boards, and use of photographs as visual reminders."

This book has 25 Chapters, here is a sampling of the titles:
- Communication Within Your Team, Families and Outside Agencies.
- Supporting People Who: Are shy. Have a Hearing Loss. Are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Speech-Impaired and/or Hearing Persons. Have a Visual Impairment. Have Dementia. Have a Physical Disability. Have a Learning Disability.
- Identity, Self-Esteem and Image.
- Sensitive and Complex Issues.

Book 4: Health and Safety
From publisher's description:
"Health and Safety provides guidance on the responsibilities and risk assessments involved, covering subjects such as first aid, safety in the kitchen, infection control, safe handling of adults, issues surrounding medication, how to react in an emergency and how to respond to challenging behaviour."

This book has 12 chapters, here is a sampling of the titles:
- Health and Safety Policy and Legislation.
- Responsibilities for Health and Safety.
- Risk Assessments.
- Infection Control, Diseases and Cleanliness.

Book 5: Reflecting On and Developing Your Practice
From publisher's description:
"...Reflecting On and Developing Your Practice is an accessible, interactive workbook providing social care workers with guidance on how to improve your knowledge through training and development. It advises how to keep up to date with the latest developments, but also how to reflect and improve upon your own practice..."

This book has 12 chapters, here is a sampling of the titles:
- Reflective Practice.
- Learning Styles.
- Role of Supervisee.
- Frequency of Supervision.

Book 6: Safeguarding Adults
From publisher's description:
"...Safeguarding Adults examines the different forms of abuse, where abuse can take place and how and where to report the suspected abuse. The workbook meets the requirements of care standards and promotes best practice by enabling staff to feel confident contributing to keeping the people they support safe from harm and abuse."

This book has 15 chapters, here is a sampling of the titles:
- Prevention and Protection.
- Who is a Vulnerable Adult?
- What is Abuse?
- Factors that May Make Abuse More Likely to Occur.
- Barriers to Reporting Concerns.

Each book has one or more of these appendices:
- Questions to Test Your Knowledge
- True and False Exercise
- Self-Assessment Tool
- Certificate
- Keeping Practice Up to Date.
- Personal Development Plan
- Legislation
- References
- Useful Websites.

Descriptions and chapter titles taken on 09/07/2010 from: http://www.jkp.com/catalogue/ser/socialcareworkers

Contact Info:
Organization:Jessica Kingsley Publishers Inc. US Office
Address:400 Market Street
Philadelphia 19106
Phone:866/416-1078 - toll free ordering; 215/922-1161 - main office
Cost:Books must be purchased separately, prices range from $24.95 - $28.95

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