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It's Our Story


This project is about making the voices of disability activists heard, here is more description from the "It's Our Story" website:

"The It's Our Story Initiative has assembled the most comprehensive collection of testimonies of what it was like, is like and should be like to live with a disability...


Create an online, fully accessible database of the history of the disability community that will educate users about the disability experience and empower them to take ownership of their history and become storytellers.

...we hope to make accessible over 10,000 pages of hand-written testimonies, as well as 1,000 video interviews and 3,000 photographs, which chronicle the struggle for civil rights for people with disabilities in this country.

History of the Project:

“It’s Our Story” continues a decades-long effort to record the power, pride, and personal struggles of living with a disability. It's a uniquely American story and challenges our most fundamental values of freedom, autonomy, and independence.

The journey began with Justin Dart, Jr. (1930-2002), who spent much of the 1980's traveling across America collecting records of the struggles of people with disabilities. Working with hundreds of disability leaders, Mr. Dart compiled documents from all 50 states into the most comprehensive collection yet assembled of the history of the disability community.

This collection became known as the 'Discrimination Diaries' and was presented to Congress by Mr. Dart. The diaries, as well as Mr. Dart himself, were instrumental in the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

In 2005, Scott Cooper, a parent of a child with a disability, followed in Dart's footsteps, only this time with a video camera. Over the course of four years, Mr. Cooper visited more than one hundred cities, interviewing over one thousand leaders of the disability community about what it was, is, and should be like to live in America with a disability. This videos comprise the "It's Our Story" oral histories.

The "It's Our Story" team, in collaboration with the Victor Pineda Foundation, is currently in the process of merging Mr. Dart's "Discrimination Diaries" with Mr. Cooper's video oral histories to create a groundbreaking online database that will serve as our nation's single most significant collection of primary source records of the disability experience. Once made public, these primary sources will promote a deeper understanding of the progress we've made in disability rights, and will help highlight the challenges still ahead of us."

-All Information taken from the "It's Our Story" website viewed on 7/24/10 (itsourstory.org)

Contact Info:
Organization:It's Our Story
Address:3045 Carob Street
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Web Links

Visit the It's Our Story Website

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