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Why This Is Important

Transportation Department

We live in an automobile dependent society – where students aspire to get a drivers license. For some however, driving an automobile is not an option. Individuals may not have a car, may not be eligible for a drivers license, may choose not to drive, or, because of a disability, may not have the capacity to operate a motor vehicle. Therefore, individuals need to have knowledge about and access to reliable forms of public transportation that enable them to have options and choice regarding the transportation mode that is best aligned with their needs.

The Transportation Department promotes Transportation Education, not driver’s education. This position supports person-directed choice in using public transportation and is characterized by spontaneity – a culture that enables individuals to choose when and how they move about in the community. The materials available through the Department represent a continuum of tools that can be customized to meet the respective needs of diverse audiences. The innovative aspect of this Department brings transit-related resources together with resources relevant to disability policy and practice.

The materials and tools available through the Transportation Department assist persons with disabilities, including students and their families, educators, human service providers, and transit professionals to enhance their knowledge of accessible transportation resources. Resources that facilitate the ability of an individual with a disability to get to a job, participate in recreational activities, access healthcare, attend community and civic activities, take vacations, and live independently. Many of these sectors are departments within Quality Mall – and therefore, demonstrate the importance of accessible transportation as the foundation, and one piece, to achieving personal satisfaction, independence, and a high quality life.

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