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Practical Skills for Daily Living

Why This Is Important

People living in the community should be able to live as independently as possible. They should get the support they need support with, but be able to be independent in areas which they can fulfill without support. Becoming more independent can include having technological aids, or assistive devices, or learning new skills.

There are areas of life that make day-to-day life function for all people, with or without disabilities. Although at times these activities may seem routine, without them we would be at a loss. They
put order into our lives. If we don't do them, someone would have to do them for us, or we would have to have some other form of assistance, if we are going to survive. Learning new skills in these areas, to be as independent as possible, is important.

This Quality Mall department contains materials to support people to learn, do and fulfill what most people do in their daily lives. Areas of daily living that might be addressed include: food shopping, meal planning, cooking, social skills, grooming, and money management. These are but a few of the areas that make living in the community, as independently as possible, a reality. Manuals for these particular lofe areas, as well as other materials addressing these issues, are included here in this department.

This web site is maintained by the Research and Training Center on Community Living with support from the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services, the Human Services Research Institute and the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. E-mail weste050@umn.edu.
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