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New Parents

Why This Is Important

Learning that your newborn baby may have a disability can be quite a shock. News that your child may have a disability does not just happen to parents of newborns, it also may be news that emerges as a child develops all the way into adolescence or it may happen all of a sudden when a child becomes injured. It is normal to feel sad, angry, or even resentful. Most do not volunteer to be the parent of a child with special needs, it usually just seems to happen randomly.

In this day of high quality early intervention programs, strong parent and family support programs and parenting networks there is a lot of immediate help for mothers and fathers as they learn about their child’s disability. There are also many stories of parents and kids who are “doing it,” or successfully coping and even having great lives with lots of quality!

It is important that parents who are new to the disability world have a variety of places to find the information they need when they need it. As with all others on the Quality Mall, this department has books parents can read, websites and other ways to find information online, and organizations to help them get in touch with other parents or professionals who will understand and be helpful. It also has information on a variety of topics, some deal directly with what it is like to help a newborn baby who has disabilities while other products explain and provide helpful ideas with the things that happen as children grow and develop.

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