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Why This Is Important

Public systems have critical responsibilities. These include: * Assuring that individuals are free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation; * Protecting the rights of individuals and families; * Making sure that there is accountability in the use of public dollars; * Assuring that individuals have access to necessary professional services; * Evaluating the effectiveness of service and supports to determine the extent to which they result in valued outcomes for individuals and families; * Assessing the performance of service providers to ensure that they are adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements and standards. These responsibilities must be reconciled and integrated with the fundamental precepts of person-centered supports. Specifically, emerging state systems that recognize person-centered principles will: * Engage people, families and citizens as active and valued participants in evaluating system and provider quality and performance. * Focus on person-centered outcomes by collecting, analyzing and disseminating valid data about whether people are realizing important outcomes. * Value the opinions of individuals and families concerning the services and supports they receive are seek to provide feedback concerning performance at all levels. * Carry out continuous evaluation of services and supports and continuous quality improvement to achieve better outcomes for individuals. * Provide training and technical assistance at all levels of the system to improve quality and performance This department includes information on how states have incorporated these principles into their operations.

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