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Whole Family

Why This Is Important

A family is like a mobile - anything that happens to one part of the mobile affects other parts of the mobile as well as the whole mobile. So too with all families, but especially families of people with disabilities. Often supports and services are focused on the person with a disability. These supports and services are important and need to continue. But what are also needed are supports and services for all family members or the family as a whole. Since most children and many adults are living at home with family, the family is often the first line of support for that person with a disability. Family members, in addition to caring for themselves and other family members, are often the primary support for the person with a disability. These family members need relevant information, social and emotional support, as well possible financial support to assist them. Doing things together as a family may also be more difficult if the family has a member with a disability. Finding the right types of activities and supports to participate in those activities takes some information and planning. We hope this department will be a source of information and support for all family members as well as the whole family to have a high quality of life. We also hope families can move beyond coping to thriving, to rich and enviable lives for all family members.

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