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Why This Is Important

In the United States, the federal government funds many of the programs that support people with disabilities to live in the community, go to school, have jobs or something meaningful to do during the day, and be involved in the community. With this funding of services, the federal government also funds research and evaluation programs to keep track of how well the money being spent is helping people with disabilities to have better lives and to learn about emerging and unmet needs. The federal government also regulates states in the way each funds and provides services to people with disabilities, and also passes laws to incent private businesses and individuals to assist people with disabilities become involved in their communities.

All this money, regulation and research have huge impacts on lives of people with disabilities. Sometimes these impacts are immediate and easy to see, and at other times they are almost invisible but have more power than people realize. Some actions by the federal government happen in congress or at the White House, when at other times they happen in the many federal government departments and offices in Washington D.C. and around the country. It is almost impossible to keep track of all the things happening in the federal government that may be affecting the quality of services being provided to people with disabilities, and ultimately their quality of their lives.

It is important that people with disabilities and their advocates do what they can to keep abreast of what it happening with the federal government. It helps them to take advantage of new opportunities and be ready to advocate when dangerous changes are in the works. In this department, Quality Mall visitors will find websites, newsletters, and other materials that are constantly updated with important federal news as it happens. They will also find some historical context to help understand what all this news means. Keep checking back with this department for any news that may be important to you or those that you care about.

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