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Health and Wellness Promotion

Why This Is Important

People with developmental disabilities are likely to be at greater risk than the general population for developing secondary health conditions due to sedentary lifestyles here is a clear consensus among experts in the field that health promotion, including nutrition and physical activity, are key elements in optimal health. Despite this consensus concerning the health promotion benefits of physical activity and fitness, people with developmental disabilities have received little consideration until recently.

The Nationís health objectives outlined in the Healthy People 2020 document include specific objectives related to increasing health-promoting behavior among the nation's citizens such as increased physical activity and nutrition recommendations. The Healthy People 2020 objectives include goals for health promotion and disease prevention efforts to improve the health prospects and functional independence of people with disabilities.

QualityMall.org pulls together information in one central location so that programs, projects, policies, and people seeking information on health promotion and wellness for persons with developmental disabilities in order to support health-promoting behaviors.

This web site is maintained by the Research and Training Center on Community Living with support from the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services, the Human Services Research Institute and the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. E-mail weste050@umn.edu.
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