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Noteworthy Practices in Support Coordination

Why This Is Important

If you ask the best support coordinators what they think their role should be many will answer that their job has two parts. The first job should be to help people describe what is important to them, to describe how they want to live and that they should help people keep this vision of their future alive. Their second job is to serve as "system navigators", to help people though the systems of services to move toward the life that they want. For most people who are support coordinators the reality of their jobs is quite different. Most talk of being overwhelmed by the amount of paper they have to generate and complain of the lack of time that they have for the people that they support. The products in this department will provide information on how this challenge is being addressed. What we hope to focus on here, however, and share with one another, are those many creative and innovative practices which are being refined every day into significant impacts in the quality of people's lives.

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