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Financial and Estate Planning

Why This Is Important

Community living and inclusion for individuals with disabilities becomes an even tougher challenge if they are living in poverty.

Self determination means having control of one's environment (staffing, programs and services) and having options and choices (real ones not abstract ones). If one is poor one is completely dependent on other people.

Individuals with disabilities have at least five revenue sources:

1) wages they receive from employment
2) government funded programs and services(these funds are primarilly block funded to agencies. Individualized funding is an important reform in this area)
3) monthly government benefits
4) funds they receive from their parents when the parents are alive
5) funds they receive from their families estate

Financial planning is the methods by which people accumulate, maximize and manage their financial assets. Families and individuals with disabilities can benefit from an increased awareness of the various approaches to financial planning.

Estate planning is the process of ensuring the financial assets of families are available to their sons and daughters particularly their relatives wirth disabilities.

We believe financial and estate planning are helpful methods to assist people with disabilty move from a welfare orientation to a wealth orientation. When one is seen as having wealth as opposed to being on government welfare a valuing takes place which assists in the process of self determination, inclusion and contribution.


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