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Person-Centered Planning

Why This Is Important

At the heart of helping people with disabilities and their families move toward lives of self-determination, companionship and contribution, is the need for effective skills in person centered planning, facilitation of personal support networks, and other tools that define vision, invite collaboration, and build the energy and commitment necessary to work together on complex problems. By definition, a great person-centered plan goes beyond an IPP, IEP, IHP, ISP or any of the other system-centered planning processes. Great person-centered plans can form the basis for great Individual Education Plans ("What can the school do to help Sarah on her journey?"), great 'Individual Program Plans' ("What can our agency do that will help Sarah and her family on this journey?"), but they're not the same thing. Great person-centered plans are engaging - they invite family members, community members, friends and colleagues to not only contribute observations and ideas, but to visualize and commit to their own roles in creating a vibrant future. And sometimes, great person-centered plans raise more questions than they answer. The best ones raise what Judith Snow calls the 'great questions' - the ones that that absolutely refuse to be answered, so they lead us into deeper discovery, connection, and commitment.

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