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Home Ownership

Why This Is Important

Having a home of your own is a matter of great importance to most people. People's homes affect where they live, what they do in their free time and who they get to know. The homes that people choose and decorate are often one of most important ways that they express their own individuality. But above all people's homes are where they are in charge. They are the place where others ask permission to enter. They are the place where the decisions are made by the person whose home it is. Having a home of one's own contributes to a person's freedom, personal control, respect from others and sense of self-worth. Owning ones own home is a major component of the "American Dream." The sense of pride and personal control that people gain when they have their own pesonal home is often even greater when they actually own that home. Owning a home allows people opportunities for greater control of their physical and social environment than does renting. It provides a mechanism for people to build wealth through equity in their home. It guarantees stable costs of housing (except for property taxes)and assures protection from being dislocated by landlord decisions or rising costs. Many families observe that the home of a family member with disabilities becmes a focus of family involvement and interaction as family members assist the family member in maintaining and improving the home. Home ownership also has substantial demands that must be considered carefully. Buyng a house requires available cash for down payments in amounts that are often difficult for people with disabilities to accumulate. Ownership can bring unexpected costs for repairs of the home. Ownership requires time or money to maintain the house and property on an ongoing basis. Ownership also makes moving from one place to another a much more difficult and sometimes costly challenge. For many people who add up the positives and negatives of home ownership, ownership is the attractive alternative. Increasingly there is support available for individuals with disabilities and their families to exercise that option. In this department you will find general information about home ownership as well as information about specific programs that support people with disabilities and their families to become home owners.

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