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Visual and Performing Arts

Why This Is Important

Intelligence is a funny thing. It's a different thing to each of us. When we think of "intelligence" we often think of the IQ test, or reading and writing. We usually don't think of an ability to make people laugh, or an ability to paint or write a poem about something that helps people see that thing in a totally new way.People who are limited in one type of intelligence are often really gifted in other types. That is why this department is so important. Many people, who are limited in traditional intelligence as measured by IQ, are gifted in other areas, especially in the creative and performing arts.There has been an explosion of talent as people who've never before been considered artists, or even being capable of being creative before are appearing in plays, in concerts and in exhibitions. This is happening all over the United States and all over the world. In this department you will discover places where people have been encouraged to develop and market their creative gifts. You will find calendars which list events around the world where these creative gifts can be sampled. You will discover resources that will help you gain access to resources that didn't exist, or were inaccessible to people before.So, wander around the department. Check out some of the fine products displayed there. Try them on for size. If you find one that fits it might change your day, or even your life.Enjoy!

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