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Staff Supervision and Management

Why This Is Important

Research has found that turnover of direct support professionals (DSPs) is related to Frontline Supervisor (FLS) competence. When FLS are knowledgeable about effective approaches to inclusive services; are responsible for improving people's lives; facilitate team work; communicate effectively; and are effective in training and supporting DSPs; DSPs provide better quality services and supports, stay longer, are more satisfied and are more committed to their jobs. Unfortunately many FLS in community services receive very little training or support to help them identify and develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need to be effective in this role. Often they are brought into a supervisory role either because they have a certain educational degree or they were good at providing direct support within an the agency, neither of which prepares supervisors for the multitude of responsibilities they will have in their new roles. When FLS feel unprepared and unsupported they are more likely to leave. If they are not good at supporting and preparing the DSPs they supervise, then the DSPs leave. This constant turnover has a profound effect on the quality of life the person needing support experiences. This site identifies products and resources related to helping to support and train people who are in supervisory roles (including family members and consumer who hire and train staff) By better supervising the DSPs, quality of life for those receiving services will be improved as people are more likely to stay longer in positions when they feel positive about their supervisor and as the supervisor is effectively able to help the DSP understand and learn the necessary components of their jobs.

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