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Voting and Civic Participation
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This department has products to help self-advocates vote and get involved as active citizens. This is a right of all people who have disabilities and makes their voices stronger.

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Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (10 Products)
Electronic Media (6 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (4 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
This short booklet helps self-advocates decide whether or not they want to join particular Board or committee. It is written in easy to understand language.
Civic Engagement and People with Disabilities: The Role of Advocacy and Technology
This research article has new ideas to help people with disabilities get involved with politics. Everyone can read it online for free.
Complaint alleges people with disabilities barred from voting
This web-based news article talks about problems in Los Angeles County.
Experience of Voters with Disabilities in the 2012 Election Cycle
This report looked at the experiences of voters with disabilities during the 2012 general election cycle.
Facilitating an Equal Right to Vote for Persons with Disabilities
This academic journal article has ideas to help people with disabilities get involved in voting and other political activities.
Impact: Feature Issue on Political Activism and Voter Participation by Persons with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities
This issue of the Impact newsletter is about how individuals with disabilities can become more involved in the American political system. Some of the information in this issue may be dated but you can still download it as a PDF for free.
Power in Numbers: A Profile of American Voters with Disabilities
This study used a telephone and online survey to ask people with disabilities about their voting patterns.
Project VOTE! Toolkit
This is a training curriculum that teaches self-advocates about voting. You can it download for free.
Sibling Leadership Network Position Statement on Voting
This statement says that the brothers and sisters of people with disabilities support their right to vote in elections.
Voting: It's Your Right
A guide about voting rights and the voting process in New Jersey. It is written in clear language for self-advocates, and can be downloaded for free as a PDF file.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
Advocates in Action
This website has a lots of free learning resources to download. It is from Rhode Island's Statewide Self-Advocacy organization.
Boards For All: Plain Language Boardsmanship Training
This website offers free, online training about how non-profit Boards of Directors work. It includes basic information about the roles of a governing Board, its committees and individual members.
Help for Voters with Disabilities in Texas
This web-based article explains how the state of Texas is making it easier for people with disabilities to vote.
The Arc Online Legislative Action Center
This website provides opportunities for advocates to contact US Senators and Congress people about important issues for people with disabilities.
Voting and Siblings of People with Disabilities
This YouTube video is about ways siblings can support their brothers and sisters with disabilities to vote.
Voting Information Website
This website has information about voting rights and people with disabilities in Ohio and the US.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Govoter.org: The National Technical Assistance Center for Voting and Cognitive Access
This initiative led by self-advocates supports people with disabilities in exercising their right to vote. They have created many educational resources that are available online.
Know Your Right to Vote!
This national campaign brings information about voting to the disability community.
New American Movement for People with Disabilities
This self-advocacy organization works on issues that affect everyone around the United States. It is located in New Jersey.
Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE)
Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE) is the national self-advocacy organization.

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