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The products in this department help employers in hiring, and managing the work of people with disabilities.

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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
2014 National Study of Employers: Including the Talents of Employees with Disabilities
This report shows how well employers are doing with accommodating their staff members who have disabilities.
Accommodation and Compliance Guides on particular disabilities
These online guides explain how to support people with disabilities on the job. Each guide is about the needs of people with a certain type of disability.
Asperger Syndrome and Employment: What People with Asperger Syndrome Really Really Want
This book talks about how difficult it is for people with Asperger Syndrome to hold onto a job.
Asperger's on the Job: Must-have Advice for People with Asperger's or High Functioning Autism, and their Employers, Educators, and Advocates
This book offers advice for people with Aspergers on how to get along on the job, and much more.
Asperger's Syndrome Workplace Survival Guide
This book was written for people with ASD who are working.
Building an Inclusive Workforce A Four-Step Reference Guide to Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Employees with Disabilities
This 14-page guide is about employing people with disabilities. It has many color photographs and can be downloaded for free as a PDF file.
Building Friendships at Work Toolkit
This toolkit has many ideas for building relationships between staff with and without disabilities at work.
Business for Aspies: 42 Best Practices for Using Asperger Syndrome Traits at Work Successfully
This book is written to help those with Asperger Syndrome shine in the workplace.
Business Resource Guide
This online guide lists all the Federal offices helpful to businesses as they hire and employ people who have disabilities.
Career Success of Disabled High-flyers
This book explains how people with disabilities can have professional careers. It is based on the stories of thirty-one people with disabilities who have highly successful careers.
CAREERS & the disABLED, established in 1986, is the nation's first and only career-guidance and recruitment magazine for people with disabilities who are at undergraduate, graduate, or professional levels. Each issue features a special Braille section.
Disability and Employer Practices
This book provides research-based documentation of policies and practices that lead to the successful recruitment, retention, advancement, and inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workplace.
Disability: Dispelling the Myth
A guide for employers that explains the steps to follow in hiring people with disabilities. It also tells the many things that happen in an organization when people with disabilities are hired and begin working.
Employing People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
This report highlights the benefits of hiring people who have developmental disabilities.It is written to businesses.
Excepted Service-Appointment of Persons With Intellectual Disabilities, Severe Physical Disabilities, and Psychiatric Disabilities
This is news of a new rule making it easier to hire to people with disabilities for federal government jobs.
Fact sheet series from the Job Accommodations Network
This series of fact sheets explain many important issues related to employment and people with disabilities.
Filipino employers’ attitudes toward persons with disabilities
This web article explains employment barriers in the Philippines.
Get the Marketing Edge! A Job Developer's Toolkit for People with Disabilities 2.0 Updated second edition
This book helps job developers find employment for people with disabilities.
Impact: Feature Issue on Supporting New Career Paths for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
This newsletter talks about many different employment options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is available both online and as a print publication.
Leveling the Playing Field: Attracting, Engaging, and Advancing People with Disabilities
This report looked at the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. It also looked at how companies can best attract and support employees with disabilities.
Questions & Answers About Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act
This webpage explains how ADA might apply to job applicants and employees with intellectual disabilities.
Recruiting, Hiring, Retaining, and Promoting People with Disabilities: A Resource Guide for Employers
This resource guide helps employers through all steps of the employment process. It has a lot of information about how the U.S. Federal government can help.
Social Thinking at Work Why Should I Care?
This book is about social skills important while on the job. It is written to adults who are on the autism spectrum.
Support through Mentorship: Accessible Supervision of Employees with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
A brief document about how employers can support employees who have an intellectual or developmental disability.
TalentScout: Unlocking the Talents of Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorders
This toolkit is a resource for employers to tap the full potential of an employee with autism spectrum disorder.
Tax Incentives Supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
The report gives an overview of the tax benefits available to businesses to become more inclusive according to ADA.
Technical Assistance Manual: Title I of the ADA
This online manual reviews the basics of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to employment.
The Hidden Curriculum of Getting and Keeping a Job: Navigating the Social Landscape of Employment A Guide for Individuals With Autism Spectrum and Other Social-Cognitive Challenges
This book has ideas to help persons on the autism spectrum find and keep good jobs.
The Inclusive Corporation: A Disability Handbook for Business Professionals
A book explaining the best ways to support employees with disabilities. It is written for the managers of any organization.
The Long Ride Home: The Continuing Story of a Father's Quest to Heal his Son Rowan
This is the true story of a father and his son who has autism. They travel the world to find out how horses can help. It is a sequel to the book and movie named "The Horse Boy."
Transition Education and Services for Students With Disabilities-Fifth Edition
This book talks about ways to help young people with disabilities move from school to grown-up life. It is used in college classes.
United Spinal Association Disability Etiquette
This booklet talks about appropriate ways to interact with people who have disabiilties.
Using Braided Funding Strategies to Advance Employer Hiring Initiatives that Include People with Disabilities
This report shows how some areas have used multiple sources of funding to help people with disabilities find and keep jobs.
Using the ADA for Parents of Children with Disabilities
This fact sheet talks about a part of the ADA that protects parents of children with disabilities.
Workplace Accommodations: Low Cost, High Impact
This short, web-based report is about the cost and benefits of providing accommodations in the workplace. It is based on information reported by employers.
Workplace Emergency Planning for Workers with Disabilities A Handbook for Employers and Workers
This guide tells everyone ways to assist persons with disabilities if there is an emergency at work.
Workplace Flexibility Toolkit
This online toolkit has many resources to help companies develop a flexible workplace. A flexible workplace is one where employees have some control over when, where, and how they do their work.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
A Difference of Ability: Recruiting, Hiring and Employing People with Disabilities
This DVD has ideas about how best to support people with disabilities to find jobs in the community. It was made in Canada.
This website brings job seekers with disabilities together with employers.
Access Jobs
This website has many job openings from around the United States. It is easy to use for people with disabilities.
Accommodating Employees with Disabilities
This is a training prgraom on a DVD which shows common examples of how to recognize and respond to requests for job accomodations in familiar job settings.
ADA and Disability Law
This DVD helps employers comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Asperger Syndrome at Work: Success Strategies for Employees and Employers
This DVD is about employment of people with Asperger Syndrome.
Beyond Expectations: Employees with Disabilities
These video profiles show people with all types of disabilities who are working. The people shown have many different kinds of jobs.
Clearinghouse for Labor Evaluation and Research: Disability Employment Policy
This website has easy-to understand summaries of research articles. The articles are related to people with disabilities in the workforce.
Customized Employment Q and A: Assisting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families to Pursue Their Employment Goals
This fact sheet explores why adults with disabilities are choosing to attend sheltered workshops and how this situation can be changed. It is from a study about the employment options of adults with disabilities.
Disability and Veterans Community Resources Directory
This is a directory of organizations that provide assistance with training, recruiting, and hiring veterans and individuals with disabilities.
Disability Nondiscrimination Law Advisor
This website tells employers which disability nondiscrimination laws apply to their business or organization.
Disability Scoop articles about unemployment and people with disabilities
These online news articles are about the difficulties people with disabilities are having finding jobs, and asking businesses to help. They were published in March and April of 2011.
Diverse Perspectives: People with Disabilities Fulfilling Your Business Goals
This web-based article talks about why it is an important to include people with disabilities in plans for a successful business. It shows that people with disabilities can be helpful both as employees and customers.
A website with many articles about employment and people with disabilities. The articles take on challenging issues like enforcing the ADA and disability stereotypes.
DO-IT Streaming Video Presentations with Support Publications
These are short videos about the transition from school to work for young adults with disabilities.
EARN (Employer Assistance and Resource Network)
This Center shares ideas with employers on how to recruit, hire and manage people with disabilities. It's website is well organized and has a lot of information.
Employment and Disability 30-Second Training Series
These very brief PowerPoint presentations share information helpful in recruiting and retaining employees who have disabilities.
This website helps people with disabilities find meaningful employment. It also helps companies recruit people with disabilities who are ready to work.
This website helps people with disabilities find jobs.
Hired for My Ability
This 8-minute video shows six people with disabilities working at their jobs.
Increasing Federal Employment of People with Disabilities
This online training video provides information on recruiting, hiring and retaining people with disabilities. It is prepared by a consulting group that helps the U.S. government.
Integrated Employment Toolkit
This website has information about helping people with disabilities find jobs in the community that pay well.
Meet the Future Face of Employment: Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Technology Fields
This website is about matching people with Autism Spectrum Disorder to jobs in the field of technology.
Open Futures DVDs
These two DVDs help people with disabilities choose exciting careers.
Reaching Out to Customers With Disabilities
An on-line course that explains how the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to businesses.
Ready, Willing & Available: A Business Guide to Improving Your Workforce By Hiring People with Disabilities
This booklet helps businesses understand reasons why and how to hire people with disabilities.
Recruitment and Retention of Older Workers: Application to People with Disabilities
This report applies to people with disabilities the findings of national study on how companies recruit and retain older workers.
Social Disabilities in the Workplace
This is a CD about helping people whose disabilities make it hard to "fit-in" at work.
Survey of Employment of Americans with Disabilities
This report summarizes a survey done exploring what businesses think about hiring people who have disabilities.
Ten Employment Myths
This video tells employers ten things that are untrue about hiring people with disabilities. It explains the ADA and is available online for free.
The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Primer for Small Business
This online handbook is for small business employers. It provides an easy-to-read overview of the basic employment provisions of the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) as they relate to employees and job applicants.
The Business Case for hiring people with disabilities
The Office of Disability Employment Policy has information on its website that shows the value of hiring people with disabilities.
The Changing Face of Technology: Document Imaging Meets the Challenge
This video highlights the strengths of people with developmental disabilities for jobs in document imaging.
The DiversityInc Top Companies for People With Disabilities
Each year, this website rates the top companies for people with disabilities to work.
The Ten Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities
This popular video has helped service providers and customer service personnel learn better behaviors.
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's website on disability discrimination
This website has information to help employees and employers understand the complex issues surrounding disability discrimination.
Universal Design in the Workplace
This 5-minute video shows how Universal Design can better serve all employees in the workplace, including employees with disabilities. It is available on YouTube.
Work Now - Get the Facts
This website has a lot of information about finding jobs in the community. It was developed to help people understand what Employment First was all about.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Access Jobs
This website has many job openings from around the United States. It is easy to use for people with disabilities.
ADA National Network
A national network that provides information, guidance and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Business Connections at VCU
This supported employment service helps people with disabilities to find employment and provides ongoing support to those who obtain employment. It works in the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Warsaw, Virginia areas.
Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (COSD)
This organization works to improve the employment rate of college students and recent graduates with disabilities.
Disability Employment Tracker
This tool helps companies assess their own practices in hiring and retaining employees who have disabilities.
DO-IT Streaming Video Presentations with Support Publications
These are short videos about the transition from school to work for young adults with disabilities.
EARN (Employer Assistance and Resource Network)
This Center shares ideas with employers on how to recruit, hire and manage people with disabilities. It's website is well organized and has a lot of information.
Employers' Guide to Including People with Disabilities in Emergency Evacuation Plans
This report helps employers decide how to include people with disabilities in company emergency evacuation planning.
This organization helps businesses become more disability aware. They offer training and a way for businesses to earn their "Seal of Approval." Many of the people who work there are self-advocates.
National Center on Workforce and Disability/Adult (NCWD)
This national center provides training, technical assistance, policy analysis, and information to improve access for all in the workforce development system.
National Disability Employment Awareness Month Website
This website has many ideas to plan events during this very important month.
National Technical Assistance, Policy, and Research Center for Employers on the Employment of People with Disabilities
This Center has resources for employers seeking to recruit, hire, retain and advance qualified employees with disabilities.
Society for Human Resource Management
This is the world's largest human resource management association.
The National Technical Assistance and Research Center to Promote Leadership for Increasing Employment and Economic Independence of Adults with Disabilities (NTAR Leadership Center)
A collaboration that seeks to increase the employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
US Business Leadership Network (USBLN)
A network of businesses that promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities in employment and customer service.
What Can YOU Do? The Campaign for Disability Employment
This campaign helps everyone see the value that people with disabilities bring to the workplace. Anyone can join by visiting the website.
Work Incentives Planning and Assistance - National Training and Data Center
This university center provides training and technical assistance to local vocational rehabilitation agencies. They specialize in helping people with disabilities work and earn money while protecting social security benefits.
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
This initiative of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service gives tax credits to places that hire people who have a hard time getting a job.
Workforce Recruitment Program
This program brings federal agencies together with students who have disabilities and are looking for a summer internship or a permanent job.
Online Forums
DO-IT Streaming Video Presentations with Support Publications
These are short videos about the transition from school to work for young adults with disabilities.
James Emmett
James is a pioneer in the area of supported employment and people with disabilities. He formerly worked for APSE, and now runs his own consulting business.

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