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Self-Employment and Business Ownership
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This department has products to help people with disabilities start their own companies, and highlight success stories.

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Managed by: Cary Griffin (cgriffin@griffinhammis.com) of Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC
Co-managed by Beth Keeton

Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (9 Products)
Electronic Media (13 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (12 Products)
Other (7 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
Advisory Committee on Increasing Competitive Integrated Employment for Individuals with Disabilities: Final Report
This report to the U.S. Secretary of Labor has recommendations to improve the competitive employment rates of individuals with disabilities in the U.S. It focuses mostly on those with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
America According to Connor Gifford
This is an easy to read book on American History. It was written by a man with Down syndrome.
Customized Employment Q and A: Self-Employment as a Customized Employment Outcome
This fact sheet answers questions about small business ownership for individuals with significant disabilities
Different...Not Less: Inspiring Stories of Achievement and Successful Employment
This book has success stories written by people who lie on the autism spectrum.
Making Self Employment Work for People with Disabilities (2nd Ed.)
This book has ideas to develop, design, and finance a small business. It is helpful for individuals, families, and professionals.
Micro-Enterprise 25-Step Business Plan Workbook
A workbook for people with disabilities describing how to write a business plan for your own business in 25 steps.
No More Job Interviews! Self-Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities
This is the first book authored by a business owner with disabilities to offer business startup strategies tailored to people with disabilities. Step by step, it teaches how to be sucessful at starting a business.
Self-Employment for People with Disabilities
This report summarizes the activities of three states in helping people with disabilities to start their own businesses.
Self-Employment: From Dream to Reality, Third Edition
This book explains the steps in planning and starting any small business.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
Beyond Expectations: Employees with Disabilities
These video profiles show people with all types of disabilities who are working. The people shown have many different kinds of jobs.
A film that shows a community of workers with intellectual disabilities who make bread to be delivered to shops and cafes.
Business Resource for People with Disabilities
This webpage has ideas and links for people with disabilities who want to start their own businesses.
Disability.govís Guide to Self-Employment & Starting a Small Business
This web page has links to articles and other information to help individuals with disabilities start their own small business.
Entrepreneurship, Self Employment and People with Disabilities
This video tells the story of six people who have multiple disabilities that started their own businesses. It is available on DVD or VHS.
Entrepreneurship: A Flexible Route to Economic Independence for People with Disabilities
This web article explains why more and more people with disabilities are starting their own businesses.
Everybody Can Work
This short, online video shows how people with disabilities can find jobs, start small businesses and achieve successful employment. It features Cary Griffin, a leading employment expert, and many self-advocates.
If I Can Help Someone Today - CD
This CD has songs sung by advocate Peter Bourne. Peter has a visual impairment and works to close institutions in Canada.
In Business Easy Business Planning series
These five guides help people with intellectual disabilities start their own business. They are written for people who live in the United Kingdom, and use easy-to-read language.
RRTC on Employer Practices Leading to Successful Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Disabilities- Virginia Commonwealth University
This Center studies the supports people with disabilities need to stay with jobs.
This webpage lists small businesses owned by people who have developmental disabilities. All are in Kansas.
Social Security Considerations for Small Business Owners with Disabilities
A booklet about how people who receive SSI and/or SSDI from Social Security can start a small business and protect their benefits.
United States Small Business Administration - People with Disabilities
This website helps people with disabilities find information about starting a small business.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
3 E Love (Embrace, Educate, Empower, Love Life)
This company developed a new logo to help people feel proud about their disabilities. It was started by a brother and sister and has many cool products.
Alma Quenemoen Art
Alma Quenemoen is a woman with Down syndrome who is a talented artist. Her paintings are available for purchase on her website.
ArtsWORK Indiana
This program is set up to help artists with disabilities get their careers started. It is located in Indiana.
Chamber of Commerce for Persons with Disabilities
This organization provides support to businesses run by people with disabilities.
Carla Sramek hosts art exhibitions and has created a movie restaurant that showcases student films, music and art. She lives in California.
DK Arts
This arts company is owned by Dylan Kuehl, a young man with Down syndrome. One of its gooals is to create a dance company with people of mixed abilities.
Kerri Quirk, Artist
Kerri Quirk is an artist with an exceptional gift for color, design, and pattern. She has started her own business selling art and teaching classes.
Mike Bush and the Allstars Band
This is a band from Kentucky that is lead by Mike Bush, a person who has Down syndrome.
Performing Arts Studio West
This is a performing arts studio for people with developmental disabilities in Los Angeles. They provide training, career management, and on location support to help actors in film, television and commercials.
RRTC on Employer Practices Leading to Successful Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Disabilities- Virginia Commonwealth University
This Center studies the supports people with disabilities need to stay with jobs.
The Karen Gaffney Foundation
The Karen Gaffney Foundation works toward the full inclusion of people with disabilities. It offers many programs in Portland, Oregon, and is led by a woman with Down syndrome.
Tim's Place
This New Mexico restaurant is owned by a young man with Down syndrome. It has received lots of attention in the press.
Dusty's Puppets
Dusty is a talented and experienced entertainer who has Down syndrome. She started a business, Dusty's Puppets, and both performs puppet shows and sells puppets. Dusty uses her unique sense of humor to bring her hand puppets to life.
JennyLU Designs
This small company sells stationery, notepads, pens, t-shirts, calendars, hats and magnets decorated with creative, original artwork. It is owned by Jenny Unrein, a talented artist who has Williams Syndrome
John's ShredCycle
Johnís business gathers paper refuse from small firms, shreds it and transports it to recycling centers.
Life's Unlimited Zenith, LLC
A company owned by Luz Aponte, artist, trainer and advocate. She creates many products to sell, including greeting cards with inspirational messages. Luz also provides training in many areas, like the inclusion of everyone in events and activities.
Microenterprise Options for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: An Outcome Evaluation
This evaluation looked at outcomes for 27 people with disabilities in Michigan who were self-employed.
Teddy's Ts: Disability Rights and Social Justice T-shirts, Buttons, and More
A self-advocate who designs, prints, and sells t-shirts. The t-shirts have messages about human rights and disability advocacy.
The Sports Nut
This is a business owned and operated by a young person with developmental disabilities named Andrea Freedman.

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