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People with developmental disabilities rely on a wide variety of government programs for assistance. Important programs include Medicaid and Medicare, the SSI program, vocational rehabilitation and others. The purpose of this department is to assist store visitors in finding useful and hopefully understandable information about these programs.

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Managed by: Dan Berland (dberland@nasddds.org) of National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services

Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (46 Products)
Electronic Media (37 Products)
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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
2012 Annual Disability Statistics Compendium
This report has statistical information about people with disabilities.
2013 Annual Disability Statistics Compendium
This report pools disability statistics published by various federal agencies together in one place.
2013 National Disability Policy: A Progress Report: “Strength in Our Differences”
This annual report explains how well U.S. Federal laws and programs are meeting the needs of people with disabilities. It also looks at how things can be improved.
A Medicaid Block Grant Program: Implications for People with Disabilities
This report reviews how federal block grant programs limit federal spending on Medicaid. It further explains how these programs impact people with disabilities.
A National Review of Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
This research brief is about the use of waivers with people who have some form of autism.
A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Transition-Age Youth with Disabilities in Relation to SSI Redetermination (Policy Research Brief)
This Brief explains transition to adulthood through the lens of SSI eligibility.You can download it as a PDF file.
A Survey of State Disability Policy, 2010
This report summarizes what 31 states were doing to implement the promises of the Americans With Disabilities Act, which had been passed twenty years earlier.
Across the States 2012: Profiles of Long-Term Services and Supports
A detailed report on the long-term services and supports provided in each state in the United States. Multiple versions can be downloaded for free as PDF files.
An Independent Evaluation of .... Minnesota's Medicaid HCBS Services
Report containing the results of an independent evaluation of Minnesota's Medicaid HCBS waiver program for people with developmental disabilities.
Back to Work: Recent SSA Employment Demonstrations for People with Disabilities
This Issue Brief describes how well four demonstrations increased the short-term economic self-sufficiency of people who receive SSI and SSDI. full text can be downloaded as a PDF file.
Benefits For Children With Disabilities
This booklet tells how children and youth can make use of SSI and SSDI benefits. It is written to parents and updated every year. You can download a copy for free as a PDF file.
Building a Better Economic Future: A Progress Report for Individuals with Disabilities & Their Families in America
This is a report about how research, programs and policies can help people with disabilities save money and build a strong asset base. The entire 100+ page report can be downloaded for free.
Costs, Cuts, and Consequences: Charting a New Course for Working-Age People with Disabilities
This report asks how money spent at the Federal and state levels is helping working-age people with disabilities move into good jobs.
Developing Individual Budgets and Reimbursement Levels Using the Supports Intensity Scale
This report describes recent progress in moving state developmental disability systems using HCBS waivers toward greater efficiency and equity.
Disability at the Dawn of the 21st Century and the State of the States (2002)
This book provides a detailed state-by-state analysis of public financial support for persons with MR/DD, mental illness, and physical disabilities.
Employment First Manual
This covers key elements needed to support Employment First programs. It is available to buy either as a book or an online presentation.
Excepted Service-Appointment of Persons With Intellectual Disabilities, Severe Physical Disabilities, and Psychiatric Disabilities
This is news of a new rule making it easier to hire to people with disabilities for federal government jobs.
Family Support Services in the United States: 2008 (Policy Research Brief)
This brief is about family support Services for people with ID/DD. You can download it for free as a PDF file.
Federal Perspectives
A newsletter that provides a monthly summary of national issues shaping publicly-funded disability services.
Forging a Federal State Partnership
This is a study of the changes in public policy toward persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities over the past fifty years.
GAO 2012 Annual Report: Employment for People with Disabilities
A report about different government programs and how they could be better. Section 30 of the report is about government programs related to employment for people with disabilities. The full text is available online.
GAO Report: States’ Implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
This 2012 report shows states responses to new laws expanding Medicaid.
Guide to Using State Longitudinal Data for Applied Research
This new guide highlights the opportunities and restrictions that researchers may have when using state longitudinal data systems. The guide also offers ways to address some common problems.
Home and Community-Based Services: Creating Systems for Success at Home, at Work and in the Community
This report explains the challenges that states and providers were having in serving people in community-based settings.
Home and Community-Based Setting Requirements
This bulletin helps state discern when a setting meets the requirements as "community-based." That means it can receive HCBS funding.
How is the Affordable Care Act Leading to Changes in Medicaid Today? State Adoption of Five New Options
This article talks about health reform and changes to Medicaid.
Initial Impacts of the Ticket to Work Program for Young New Social Security Disability Awardees: Estimates Based on Randomly Assigned Mail Months
This report looks at how well the Ticket to Work program is working to help people with disabilities find jobs. It also looks at how well this program is saving money.
Issue Brief: New Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities to Expect Better Quality Services and Outcomes
This report reviews how states are using their Home and Community-Based Services funding. It warns that many of the people with disabilities being supported are still isolated from their communities.
Managed Long-Term Services and Supports: President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities: 2012 Report to the President
A report that offers a background on Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) and provides suggestions to the United States government.
Mini-MAX User’s Guide
This document explains a research-friendly Medicaid database.
Money Follows the Person Demonstration Program: A Profile of Participants
A report about the participants in a government program that helps people on Medicaid move from institutions to live in the community. You can download it as a PDF file.
National Goals for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
This book comes out of a federal conference that was held in 2003. It describes the current knowledge and national goals in areas that affect the lives of people with developmental disabilities in the United States.
Olmstead: Reclaiming Institutionalized Lives
A state of the states report on the implementation of the Olmstead decision
One Step Ahead: Resource Planning for People with Disabilities Who Rely on Supplemental Security Income and Medical Assistance
This guide offers suggestions to people who receive Medicaid or SSI on ways to have money or property without risk of losing their benefits.
Red Book on Employment Support
A web-accessible federal publication that provides A - Z information on employment supports for people who receive SSI or Social Security benefits.
Rights and Reality II
This is a guide to rights of people with disabilities in Wisconsin. It explains many laws, rules and programs on both the state and Federal level, and can be purchased or downloaded for free as a series of PDF files.
Section 8 Made Simple: Using the Housing Choice Voucher Program To Assist People with Disabilities, 2nd edition
Section 8 Made Simple is a 98-page publication covering the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program in detail.
Senate Bill 1270: 10 Recommendations
This is a short workbook written for self-advocates. It has recommendations from work groups that came together to think of ways to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in California.
Survey of State Case Management Policies and Practices
This technical report summarizes a survey of developmental disability case management services across the United States.
The 2014 Federal Home and Community-Based Services Regulation: What You Need to Know
This document explains the many changes made to the Federal HCBS rules in 2014. They were targeted to help make sure people with waivers were truly living in the community.
The Affordable Care Act and the I/DD Community: An Overview of the Law and Advocacy Priorities Going Forward
A brief document that provides an overview of what Obamacare means for people with disabilities.
The Growth of Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) Programs: A 2012 Update
This report summarizes a study of how states are using managed care models to provide long-term care. Several states include people who have ID/DD. The report can be downloaded as a PDF file.
Toward the Full Inclusion of People with Disabilities: Examining the Accessibility of Overseas Facilities and Programs Funded by the United States
This report looks at United States programs that help people in other countries. It provides ways for these programs to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.
Understanding Medicaid Home and Community Services: A Primer
A thorough explanation of the role of the Medicaid program in supporting people with developmental and other disabilities to live and work in the community.
Work Incentive Simplification Pilot (WISP): Recommendations of the Technical Advisory Panel Regarding the Evaluation Design
A report that gives recommendations for evaluating the Work Incentive Simplification Pilot (WISP), a simplification of the Social Security Disability Insurance work incentives. The report can be downloaded as a PDF file.
Working While Disabled—How We Can Help
This booklet talks about working while getting money from the Social Security Administration. It is updated every year.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
A Guide to the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act Decision
A brief report that describes the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act and how this impacts the future of health reform.
A History of the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act
This web page explains the history of the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DD Act). It shows the records of many important meetings and hearings, and the manuals, reports and reviews from different times in history.
Advocates' Guide to Housing and Community Development Policy
This 300-page book contains background information and tools for housing advocates, plus short descriptions of more than 60 U.S. Federal programs that help people with low-incomes. You can download it for free
Archives of the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Until 2013, NICHCY was the national clearinghouse of information on disabilities and disability-related issues, with a special focus on children and youth (birth to age 22). It's archives are available online.
AUCD Legislative News In Brief
In Brief provides a weekly federal legislative update on issues important to people with disabilities and their families. The publication focuses on AUCD's legislative goals developed by the association.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) on-line resource for Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS)
An online tool that provides basic information about Medicaid Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS).
Changing Priorities: The Federal Budget and Housing Assistance, 1976-2007
This report provides an overview of HUD budget trends from fiscal year 1976 through fiscal year 2006 as measured in inflation-adjusted dollars.
College Funding for Students with Disabilities
This fact sheet briefly explains how students with disabilities can pay for college.
Congress.gov is a website that offers information and regular updates on Federal legislative issues in the United States.
Delivering on the promise - Report of federal agencies' actions to eliminate barriers and promote community integration
This web page explains the plans of several US Federal agencies to implement President George W. Bush's New Freedom Initiative.
This website has tips and advice about applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI or SSD), and Supplemental Security Income (SSDI).
Employment First Manual
This covers key elements needed to support Employment First programs. It is available to buy either as a book or an online presentation.
Financing Resources for Affordable Housing: A Brief Overview
This document briefly describes several financial resource options to be used for the development of affordable housing.
GAO Report: States' Plans to Pursue New and Revised Options for Home- and Community-Based Services
A report from the Government Accountability Office about the four Home and Community-based Service options for Medicaid beneficiaries.
This website has information about applying for money from the Federal Government.
Guidelines for Successfully Enrolling People with Disabilities in Managed Care Plans
These are for states to use in setting up managed care programs that would include people with disabilities.
This CMS-funded website provides technical assistance to states in developing, evaluating and maintaining HCBS waiver programs.
Health Reform Hub
This website provides up to date information on the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare)and how it impacts people with disabilities.
Illinois Life Span Project
This website is a central source of information about services available to persons with developmental disabilities in the state of Illinois.
Long-Term Care 101
An online presentation that explains what long-term care is in the United States.
Medicaid Program
Pointers to federal and state websites to obtain information about the Medicaid program.
Olmstead section of ADA.gov
A website that provides information about the Supreme Court's Olmstead ruling and enforcement. It says states need to provide services that allow people with disabilities to be fully included in community.
People with Disabilities and the Affordable Care Act
This webpage shares many ideas about how the Affordable Care Act can help people with disabilities.
This website is the central location for emergency preparedness information available from the US Federal government.
Recommendations for CMS Managed Care
In this document, the National Council on Disability expresses concern over the federal government's plans to use managed care.
Registered Disability Savings Plan Website
This website explains the Registered Disability Savings Plan. This is a Canadian Government program for people with disabilities and their families. It helps them plan for their future financial security.
State Health Facts Online
A website with health care coverage availability information for all 50 states.
This website has charts of state, national, and individual disability data for agencies that provide employment supports.
The High Cost of Capping Federal Medicaid Funding
A fact sheet from AARP that talks about the impact of capping the amount money the federal government spends on Medicaid.
The Kennedy Foundation Public Policy Guide
This website has information and articles about the federal policy, and government agencies that affect people with disabilities. It has useful information for advocates at the federal level.
The Official Website of the U.S. Social Security Administration
A website for advocates, social service agencies and other third parties that has a lot of information about Social Security services.
The Olmstead Decision: Implications for Medicaid
Policy brief concerning the US Supreme Court's Olmstead decision and its implications for the provision of Medicaid services. Though this brief is dated, it is still available online.
A website that includes full copies of United States Laws and proceedings of Congress from throughout history.
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Information for People with Disabilities
This website has information about the housing rights of people with disabilities.
U.S. General Accounting Office
The General Accounting Office prepares comprehensive reports on many issues for use by members of the United States Congress. These reports are generally available to the public.
UCP Washington Watch
A weekly newsletter that provides the latest news on disability policy from Washington.
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Webinar
This 90 minute webinar describes the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. It also contains information on state deadlines regarding this Act, and explains why workforce issues are important in the disability community. You can watch it on Youtube.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
ADA Information Line for Documents and Questions
This phone line is a government service to answer questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)
A place where anyone can get information about long-term support options. They are located all around the United States.
Cash & Counseling
This term refers to programs that allow people with disabilities to have some control over the Medicaid money that pays for their supports.
Changing Priorities: The Federal Budget and Housing Assistance, 1976-2007
This report provides an overview of HUD budget trends from fiscal year 1976 through fiscal year 2006 as measured in inflation-adjusted dollars.
Disability Rights Section of the US Department of Justice
The Disability Rights section seeks to help people with disabilities to have equal opportunity in all areas of life. It does so using the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Employment for People with Disabilities: Little Is Known about the Effectiveness of Fragmented and Overlapping Programs
A report on the United States government programs that support employment for people with disabilities.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
A government commission supporting people's employment rights.
Evaluating Employment Support for People with Disabilities Project
This project is looking at how well U.S. government programs are supporting the employment of people with disabilities. The project is from 2010 to 2015.
Housing Choice (Section 8) Vouchers
Housing Choice (Section 8) vouchers assist low-income persons with disabilities to obtain personal housing.
Housing Choice Voucher Program
This online fact sheet explains a federal program that helps people with low incomes afford rent in market rate apartments. It helps people with disabilities live in the community.
Illinois Life Span Project
This website is a central source of information about services available to persons with developmental disabilities in the state of Illinois.
Kentucky Consumer Directed Option
A program that allows Kentucky Medicaid waiver members to choose who provides their non-medical waiver services. Members can direct all or some of their waiver services.
Minnesota State Council on Disability
The Minnesota State Council on Disability is an organization that advocates on behalf of people with disabilities. They also advocate to the state legislature for this group as a whole.
Money Follows the Person Grants
This federal government program assists states in helping create more opportunities for the elderly and people with disabilities to move from institutions to the community.
National Council on Disability
This independent federal agency makes recommendations to the President and Congress on issues affecting Americans with disabilities.
National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR)
This federal agency funds comprehensive and coordinated programs of research and related activities with an aim to help people with disabilities participate in the activities of their choice.
National Organization on Disability (NOD)
The mission of The National Organization on Disability (N.O.D.) is to expand the participation and contribution of America’s 54 million men, women and children with disabilities in all aspects of life.
Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)
This office provides national leadership to increase employment opportunities for adults and youth with disabilities while striving to eliminate barriers to employment.
Office of Disability Integration and Coordination (ODIC)
This is a division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Its purpose is to help meet the needs of children and adults with disabilities in case of a disaster.
Real Economic Impact (REI) Network
A nation wide initiative to help low-income persons with disabilities with tax preparation and other related strategies.
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program
This US federal program provides monthly income for people who can not work because they have a disability.
United We Ride
United We Ride is a federal program to improve transportation services available for older adults, people with disabilities, and individuals with lower incomes.
Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Programs: 2009 Data Update
This on-line report presents data on states' efforts to move Medicaid programs from institutional care to home and community based care.

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