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Disability and Popular Culture
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This department contains products that demonstrate exciting changes in how the lives of persons with disabilities and the issues they care about are being represented in the larger society.

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Managed by: Jerry Smith of The Research and Training Center on Community Living, University of Minnesota

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Electronic Media (167 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (32 Products)
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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
"We can't close it yet": How discourse positions people with intellectual disabilities
A journal article that studies how people with intellectual disabilities are viewed in Manitoba, Canada.
22 Things a Woman Must Know If She Loves a Man with Asperger's Syndrome
This book gives women tips about having a good relationship with a man who has Asperger Syndrome (AS). The author is a person who has AS.
22 Things a Woman with Asperger's Syndrome Wants Her Partner to Know
This book is about Asperger's syndrome from a woman's perspective. It contains things she would want her partner to know.
A Mind Apart: Travels in a Neurodiverse World
This book explains autism and other neurological differences in a positive, normal way.
ABILITY Magazine
This popular magazine has articles relating to health, disability and human potential.
Access Press
Access Press is a monthly newspaper especially for people with disabilities who live in Minnesota. All issues can be read online.
America According to Connor Gifford
This is an easy to read book on American History. It was written by a man with Down syndrome.
Apostrophe is a quarterly magazine that publishes stories by, about and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This magazine highlights the abilities and talents of people with disabilities.
Are Your Eyes Listening?
The author of this book is a person with autism. In it, she shares the sights, sounds, and feelings of one person who has autism.
Be Good to Eddie Lee
A short film about a friendship between a young girl and a neighbor boy with Down syndrome. This film was inspired by the popular children's book, "Be Good to Eddie Lee" written by Virginia Fleming
Beyond Ramps: Disability at the End of the Social Contract: A Warning from an Uppity Crip
In this book, Russell provides an analysis of the social contract and its failure to cover people with disabilities and their families.
Bus Girl:
This book is a collection of poems written by a woman who has Down syndrome. The poems are thought-provoking and often humorous.
Changing Attitudes, Changing the World: Media’s Portrayal of People with Intellectual Disabilities
This four-page brief explains how popular media sends the wrong messages about who people with intellectual disabilities are. It also suggests better ideas.
Disability & the Art of Kissing: Questions and Answers on the True Nature of Intimacy
This is a book about sex, and is written mostly for people with spinal cord injuries.
Disability Culture Rap
This award-winning film shows who people with disabilities really are.
Disability is Natural: Revolutionary Common Sense for Raising Successful Children with Disabilities (Third Edition)
This book offers advice and insight into living with a disability, and being the parent of a child with a disability. It is based on the paradigm that disability is natural, rather than somehow different from "normal."
Disability Knowledge and Identity Self-Assessment
These five quizzes help people find out what they know about disability history, culture, community, and policy.
Disability Terminology: A Starter Kit for Nondisabled People and the Media
This blog post is about the proper language to use when talking about a person with a disability.
Disability: A Diversity Model Approach in Human Service Practice, Third Edition
This book introduces a practice model that emphasizes the strengths of people with disabilities, and the barriers that society puts in their way. It is written at a challenging reading level.
Disabling Diversity: The social construction of Disability in 1990s Australian National Cinema
This book examines popular Australian films from the 1990s that considered disability as a problem with society rather than a damaged body.
Don't Call Me Inspirational: A Disabled Feminist Talks Back
This autobiography is written by a woman with cerebral palsy. She explains her experiences with her disability.
Ed Roberts: Wheelchair Genius
This book is about Ed Roberts, an important civil rights leader for people with disabilities. It is written for young readers.
Exile & Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation
This is an essay on the politics and poetics of queer disability.
From the edges to the center: Disability, Battlestar Galactica, and fan fiction
A journal article about how disability is portrayed in television shows such as Battlestar Galactica and in works written by fans of these television shows.
Language is More Than a Trivial Concern!
This guide informs everyone on the importance of using person-centered and respectful language regarding disability.
Lesbian Couples: A Guide to Creating Healthy Relationships
This book talks about many aspects of family and community life for people who are lesbian, including one chapter particularly for individuals with disabilities.
Living the Edges: A Disabled Women's Reader
This book is a collection of writings by women with disabilities.
Lovers Lame
This book tells the story of two people who have disabilities and are in a relationship. It is not a true story.
Make Them Go Away: Clint Eastwood, Christopher Reeve and The Case Against Disability Rights
This book looks at the case against disability rights.
Meditations from A Movable Chair: Essays
This book is a series of essays about the people who have meant the most to the author, a man with physical disabilities.
Movie Stars and Sensuous Scars: Essays on the Journey from Disability Shame to Disability Pride
This book is a set of essays is about living with a disability. They are written by a person whose disability is physical.
No Pity; People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement
This is a history of the disability rights movement. There is no pity or tragedy in disability--it is society's myths, fears, and stereotypes that make being disabled difficult.
Nothing About Us Without Us: Disability Oppression and Empowerment
The first book in the disability literature to provide a theoretical overview of disability oppression. It shows its similarities to, and differences from racism, sexism, and colonialism.
pleasure ABLE Sexual Device Manual for Persons with Disabilities
This manual explains devices that people with physical disabilities can use when having sex. It was created by occupational therapists.
Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
This book tells how attitudes affect life for people with disabilities.
Race, Culture and Disability: Rehabilitation Science and Practice
This book is about providing rehabilitation services that honor peoples' cultural backgrounds.
Representing Disability in an Ableist World
This book is about how the media frames disability.
Roger Ebert: The Essential Man
This is an article about Roger Ebert, a former movie critic and host of a national TV show. Mr. Ebert lived with cancer for the last seven years of his life and lost his ability to eat and speak.
Seven Days at Oak Valley
In this murder mystery book, the main character is a person with a disability.
Sexuality and Cerebral Palsy
This book is written for people who have cerebral palsy, but is good for all people to read. The entire book is available online.
Simon Illa - The Super Producer
This is an online article about Simon Illa. Mr. Illa is a hip-hop music producer who has a disability.
Stories for Every Classroom: Canadian Fiction Portraying Characters with Disabilities
This book examines how disability is shown in children's books. It is written to help teachers.
Style Guide - National Center on Disability and Journalism
This style guide offers journalists and other writers suggestions on how to write about disability in their professional work. It is available online.
The Memory Keeper's Daughter
This novel tells a story of a baby born with Down syndrome who was given by her father. It shows how they always remained linked to each other.
The Real Rain Man
This is the story of Kim Peek, who has autism. His life was the example for Dustin Hoffman in the Movie "Rain Main". His father wrote the book.
The Stigma of Disease and Disability: Understanding Causes and Overcoming Injustices
This scholarly book examines how people with disabilities are held back by the attitudes of others.
The Story of Beautiful Girl
This book tells a fictional love story about a woman with a developmental disability and a man who is deaf. The story begins in the late 1960s and continues for forty years.
The Ugly Laws: Disability in Public
This is a book about old laws that said an "unsightly or disgusting person" shouldn't be seen on the street. Examples included people with disabilities.
There Are No Words
This is a fictional book about a girl with autism. It helps the reader learn about autism from the perspective of a character with autism.
Understanding Autism For Dummies
This book describes what autism is and provides a lot of other information related to autism. It was written by authors who are very respected in the autism community.
United Spinal Association Disability Etiquette
This booklet talks about appropriate ways to interact with people who have disabiilties.
What to Call People With Disabilities.
This article provides some basic tips on how writers should refer to people with disabilities.
Why I Burned My Book and Other Essays on Disability
This collection of essays covers many topics, such as discrimination against people with disabilities, the emergence of disability culture, and the need for disability activism.
Women with Intellectual Disabilities: Finding a place in the world
This book explains issues for women with intellectual disabilities.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
"Talk" (Part 1 and 2)
These funny videos show a person without a disability being in the minority. You can watch them on YouTube.
3:15 to Brunswick
This short film shows two people waiting for a train that never comes. It is about love and romance.
This is a short film about Daniel, who is different because he only has 46 chromosomes. The film is in German with English subtitles.
A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story
This documentary tells the story of a man named Bill Sackter. Bill moved out of an institution to live in the community.
A New Kind of Listening
This film tells the story of a young actor who has disabilities and cannot speak. He finds a way to talk with others for the first time as part of being in a play. He is part of a theater group that includes actors with and without disabilities.
A Possible Dream
This film is about a woman named Andrea who has Down syndrome.
A Special Outing Parts 1 and 2
These online videos are about a support group for people with intellectual disabilities who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning.
Abandoned to Their Fate: A History of Social Policy Toward People with Disabilities
This documentary film covers the history of people with developmental disabilities tracing the origins of many common disability stereotypes. It is written and produced by Philip Ferguson, Ph.D. who wrote a book with the same name.
This blog is about current topics related to people with disabilities. The entries are organized into the areas of technology, workplace, design and life/culture.
About Disability: A Resource for the Disability Community
This topical website offers a number of links to articles written about technology, disability culture, and health. It also has several documents that refer to historic disability issues.
Acting Normal
This film is a documentary about people who attend a performing arts studio for people with disabilities.
This is a Hollywood film about a relationship between a young man with Asperger syndrome and the woman of his dreams.
Adventures of The Gimp Avenger
A blog by Jane Hash, a woman with disabilities who is a strong advocate for equal rights for people with disabilities.
After Purgatory? Photographic Collages
This photo collage series represents individual and shared experiences of of artists with disabilities in today’s disability services system.
Anders & Harri
A short documentary about two friends who decide to go to Getå, scene of Sweden’s worst ever train disaster in 1918. During the trip, their friendship is put to the test.
Autism & Asperger's Syndrome: Addressing Sensory Issues, Brain Function, Social Skills, Job Skills, Medications and More DVD
In this DVD, Dr. Temple Grandin uses stories from her life with research to explain life with autism or Asperger's syndrome.
Autism is a World
This documentary speaks from the perspective of a woman who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It provides a glimpse of this often-misunderstood disorder through the eyes of a real person.
Be My Brother
"Be My Brother" is a film starring aspiring actor Gerard O'Dwyer as Richard, a young man with Down Syndrome.
Bearing Witness: Luke Melchior
This DVD tells the story of Luke, a man with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
A short film about the challenges two people with disabilities face when their relationship is displayed in public.
Beautiful Son
This documentary is about one family's struggle to heal their son from autism.
Between Optical Area and Amygdala
This is a short film about a young man with Asperger's Syndrome(a form of autism) who was born in Germany. In this film he describes what his life has been like, and you can watch it online for free.
Between Sasquatch and Superman
In this film Clark, a young man with Down syndrome, tells his life story.
Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project
A four-hour documentary radio series and web site about the shared experience of people with disabilities and their families since the beginning of the 19th century.
Big City Dick: Richard Peterson's first movie
This film tells the true story of a man with significant disabilities who is an excellent trumpet player. His talents have made him famous throughout Seattle, yet he lives a difficult life in poverty.
Bill: On his own
This movie tells the true story of Bill Sackter. He was a man with intellectual disabilities who became an important member of his community.
Billy the Kid
This movie is about a 15 year-old who seemed by the filmmaker to be left out of things. After this film was made it was learned he had Asperger's syndrome.
Blog: Media Dis & Dat
This weblog highlights people with disabilities in the media, as well as the portrayal of people with disabilities in the media.
Brain Man
This documentary film is about the life of Daniel Tammet, a British man with autism who is a savant. You can watch it online for free, and there is also a link to a 60 Minutes story about Daniel.
Breaking Boundaries
This film is about a young adult with severe autism, Alex is functionally non-verbal and makes what we in the verbal world call art.
Breathing Lessons
Academy Award-winning documentary on the life and work of Mark O'Brien. Mark was a well-known journalist who was post-polio and used an iron lung.
A short film about Benny Jackson and his quest to save his family business, Bulletproof Jacksons Saloon.
In this video, a man named Burt gives a chronological history of his life and times, beginning in 1936 when he was 15 years old and living in a large institution. You can watch it online for free.
By Any Other Name
This film shows a friendship between a man who has Down syndrome and his co-worker. You can watch a preview online.
A short film about Jayden, a two and half year old diagnosed with autism. The film follows Jayden through his first months of school in the Bronx.
Can We Get Married?
This is a BBC documentary about Emma and Ben, who each have Down syndrome. They have been living together for six years and are thinking about getting married.
Can We Talk, Ben Stiller?
A self-advocate uses YouTube to talk about why the movie "Tropic Thunder" was hurtful to people with disabilities. The "R" word was used often in this film, and Ben Stiller was the director and lead actor.
Carl Bentson: Mr. Positive
This is a 28-minute film following Carl Bentson, a man with a disability who makes a positive impact on the community in which he lives.
Cassilly: How I Got To College
This 20 minute documentary film is about a young woman who overcame barriers to attend college.
Check Out
In this film Kelly and Allison are two 20-something grocery store employees. They find out that the best friendships blossom when they are most needed.
Christopher Reeve: Hope in Motion
This film follows the famous actor over many months of rehabilitation after he broke his neck.
Creature Discomforts
Creature Discomforts is a series of radio and television ads in the UK that promote acceptance of people with disabilities. The website contains the ads, as well as information about the Creature Discomforts campaign.
Crip Culture Montage
This online video challenges disability stereotypes.
Crippen Cartoons
This website has cartoons about disability issues and rights.
Darius Goes West
This is a documentary film about a young man name Darius who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Darius had never been out of the state of Georgia, and his friends took him on a road trip for his first look at the West.
Declarations of Independence
This DVD has ten self-advocates who talk about the things that are most important to them.
Dennis' Revenge
This film is about a man with Down syndrome who does bad things. It shows that people with disabilities can have the same problems as everyone else.
Desires Reborn [Kindle Edition]
This Kindle book is about sex and adults with disabilities. Some parts may be for adults only.
Difference is Normal
This is a music video about people with disabilities. Its purpose is to introduce awareness of disability into the Arab world in a creative way.
Disability Advocacy through Media Training Course
This free online course teaches how to use media to build awareness of disability issues.
Disability Culture Rap
This award-winning film shows who people with disabilities really are.
Disability History Museum
A website with all kinds of information on the history of people with disabilities in America.
Disability Knowledge and Identity Self-Assessment
These five quizzes help people find out what they know about disability history, culture, community, and policy.
Disability Movies
This website has information on movies that are about disability or include characters with disabilities.
Disability Radio Worldwide
This is a weekly 30-minute radio program covering disability issues worldwide. You can listen to past shows online.
Disability Scoop
This website provides the latest in disability news.
Disability Social History Project
An online social history of disability.
Disabled Sexy Proud Blog
This is a blog with posts written by people with disabilities.
A website that has short videos about what it means to live with a disability.
Diversity Toolbox: Covering Disability Issues
This webpage has tips for reporters as they cover stories that include disability issues.
Don't Look Past My Disabled Body-love it
This blog entry is about relationship issues and people who have disabilities. It is written by a woman who has disabilities.
Down In Number 5
A film about a retired coal miner who lives with his 40-year old son Sammy, who has Down syndrome. It is based on a true story.
This is a documentary that features people who have Down syndrome in a high fashion photo spread. Click on the "Web Links" tab to see a preview on YouTube.
Dream Lover
This movie is about Seth, a shy man with developmental disabilities. He lives in a group home with Linda, a woman he loves from afar.
Every Body: Glamour, Dateability, Sexuality & Disability
This online presentation about sexuality is delivered by a person with a physical disability. Danielle Sheypuk is a clinical psychologist and wheelchair user.
Fair Play
This is a film about a group of people with disabilities who performed a play. The play was about parents who needed to make difficult choices when they learned their unborn child had disabilities.
Far from the Sun
This film is about a family from Argentina who immigrates to the United States in hopes for a better life. The story is told through the eyes of a son who has Down syndrome.
Flying Anne
A short documentary film about an 11-year-old girl who has Tourette syndrome.
For Dorian
This short film is about a father who worries about his son, a young man with Down syndrome who is discovering his sexuality.
Forrest Gump
This movie is a fictional story about a man with an intellectual disability.
Fred's Roman Holiday
A sequel to Fred's Story, this film tells the story of his dream trip to Italy. With his traveling companions, the trip becomes an exploration of what sustains a person's strength through years of hardship, loss of identity and institutional control.
Front Wards, Back Wards
This is a film about the good and bad parts of America's first institution for people with disabilities. Fernald in Massachusetts was created in 1848 and closed in 2014.
Going to School (Ir a la Escuela)
Video on inclusion, special education, & empowering children with disabilities & their parents. 
Graduating Peter
This film tells the story of a young man with Down Syndrome from sixth grade through high school graduation.
Handicapism: A Report from the Center on Human Policy
This online slideshow illustrates the negative images the public held about people with disabilities back in the 1970's. Unfortunately, many of the images portrayed are still true today.
Heavy Load
A documentary film that follows a band from England that has members with and without intellectual disabilities.
Her Name is Sabine
This documentary film is aimed directly at the French government. It tells the story of two sisters - Sandrine, one of France's most successful actresses, and that of her sister Sabine who has autism and spent time in institutions.
Higher Ground: The Role of Direct Support Professionals During and After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
This is a documentary on the role of direct support professionals in New Orleans during and after hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Hold My Hand
A documentary film about a 20-year-old woman with Down syndrome who faces rejection as she follows her dream to go to college. She becomes a self-advocate in making a complaint to the university.
How's Your News?
A documentary film featuring five news reporters with mental and physical disabilities.
How's Your News? - Election 2012
A film where reporters with disabilities interview celebrities and politicians at the 2012 Republican and Democratic Conventions.
How's your news? On the campaign trail
This video shows what happened when a team of six reporters with mental and physical disabilities interviewed attendees of both the Democratic and Republican conventions during the 2004 presidential campaign.
Human Serviceland Music CDs
This series of CDs have funny songs about the human service system.
Hurry Tomorrow
Hurry Tomorrow is a compelling documentary about the loss of human rights suffered by psychiatric patients in a state mental institution.
I Am Ziggy
This film is about a woman named Maria who changes it to Ziggy. She is 17 and has Asperger’s syndrome.
I Define Me: Proud to Be Disabled
This short video shows what people with developmental disabilities want non-disabled people to know about what it is like to have a disability. You can watch it online for free.
A social networking website of people who have disabilities.
I'm Tyler...don't be surprised
"I'm Tyler...don't be surprised" is a video created by a high school student named Tyler who has cerebral palsy. In this video, Tyler highlights what he calls "ability awareness"--focusing on what a person can do rather than what they can't.
It's a Different World
A documentary film about two brothers and a sister who all have autism. Each child was given a video camera to help explore their thoughts and feelings about autism. You can watch it online for free.
It's Our Story
This program is creating an online database that gives people with disabilities a voice. The project will make thousands of videos, written testimonies and photographs from disability activists available online for free.
Jack Blond
A short film about a young man with Down syndrome who gets the chance to prove he is as good as his hero, James Bond.
Jacob's Turn
A short documentary about a boy with Down syndrome and his love of baseball.
James Castle: Portrait of an Artist
This is a film about the life of James Castle, a man who was born deaf, but refused to read, write, sign or finger-spell. Instead he communicated through art and has gained world recognition as an artist
Josh Blue
Josh Blue is a comedian working to change people’s minds about "disability."
Judith Snow Blogs
Two blogs by Judith Snow. In her blogs she shares real life experiences of people with disabilities, including some from her own life.
King Gimp
This documentary spans 13 years in the life of Dan Keplinger, an artist with cerebral palsy. It won an Academy Award.
Kiss My Wheels
Kiss My Wheels follows the Zia Hot Shots. The Hot Shots are a nationally ranked junior wheelchair basketball team. This video shows a season of training and tournament competition.
Cameron Lasley (aka Laz-D) is a rap artist who has Down syndrome.
Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown
A film telling the true story about the married life between two people who both have developmental disabilities.
Love Land
This is a film about a young woman with cognitive disabilities who was placed in an institution in a small town in Texas. Many actors in the film are people with disabilities.
Love Limits
This documentary film is an exploration of two people's individual stories and their life together. Though very different in age and background, they share the same disability.
Love Rolls On: Disability and Marriage
This is the web site of Megan and Barton Cutter. Married since 2004, Barton has a disability and Megan does not.
Marlaina by Ear
This is a podcast done by a woman who is blind. She shows you what life is like the way she sees it.
Monica & David
A film about the marriage of two adults with Down syndrome and their families. It originally aired on HBO.
Motion Disabled
These digital films depict the body movements of people who are physically different. Motion Disabled has been exhibited internationally.
My Brother
This is a film about two boys from inner city New York, one of whom has a developmental disability. It shows the bond of love they have for each other.
My Invisible Life
This website share the stories of people who have disabilities that are not easily seen. It has many people who maintain interesting blogs about their life experiences.
This film is about a woman who is caring for her brother who autism. It shows the love in their relationship and the challenges too.
Not Forgotten
A documentary film that tells true stories of shame and rejection of children with autism in the Ukraine. It highlights the lack of services and struggles for the families.
Not Special Needs
In this short film, self-advocates describe a new perspective on having "special needs."
Nowhere You Are
A documentary film that follows an adult woman with high functioning autism. You can watch online for free.
Offense Taken
This 26-minute film describes one community's organized response to the word "retarded."
Okay, Let's Talk About Me
This film is about Eddie and the things that happen as he turns 18 and prepares to leave school. Eddie has Down syndrome.
On A Roll
This documentary is about Greg Smith, host of the radio program "On A Roll." It originally aired on PBS.
One Question
In this film 35 persons with developmental disabilities answer the same one question: If you can change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
Ouch!, It's a disability thing!
This website explains the issues of people with disabilities who live in the United Kingdom. There are articles, videos, and podcasts for visitors to use.
Plain Jane the Shockumentary
This film tells the true story of Jane Hash, a woman with a brittle bone condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. In this film Jane teaches viewers about the acceptance of self and others.
Praying with Lior
This documentary film is about a Jewish boy who has Down syndrome. It shows his bar mitzvah, and the influence his deep faith has on others in his congregation.
Push Girls Reality TV Show
This TV show is about five women who have physical disabilities. It airs on the Sundance Channel and you can purchase episodes through itunes.
Rainman Goes to RocKwiz
This film follows a man from Australia as he prepares to be on a live TV quiz show. Though he is nearly blind and has Asperger's Syndrome, he is very talented.
Raising Renee
This film is about Renee, who has an intellectual disability, and her sister Beverly who decides to help Renee after their mother dies.
Reel Talk
This video is a mock weekly television show bringing the latest news, interviews, commercials, movie reviews and commentary. The script was written by self-advocates who play in all the acting roles
RESPECT: Songs of the Self-Advocacy Movement
This CD features a group of self-advocates singing songs they had written.
Right to Risk: A 15 Day Journey Through Arizona's Grand Canyon
A movie that tells the story of eight, very brave people with disabilities. They went on a 15-day, 225-mile whitewater rafting adventure through the Grand Canyon.
Rolling Around in My Head
The personal blog of David Hingsburger, an author and leader in the field of disability for over 30 years. David lives in Toronto, Canada
Rooted in Rights
On this website, you’ll find news stories from around the web on the rights of people with disabilities. There are also original op-eds, videos, graphics, educational resources and more.
Scarlet Road
This film is about how sex workers can help people with disabilities. The producer of the film is also available to consult.
Shattered Lives: A Study of Autism
This film uses case studies of infants, children, teens and adults to explain autism all across the spectrum. You can watch it online for free or purchase a copy through Amazon.
Simon Illa - The Super Producer
This is an online article about Simon Illa. Mr. Illa is a hip-hop music producer who has a disability.
Someone Like Me
This short film follows two young adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder as they spend a day together.
Stairway to Heaven
This documentary film is about Temple Grandin, a researcher with autism who developed more humane ways to slaughter animals. You can watch it on YouTube in three parts.
STOP saying this word
An article from an online magazine about what language to use when talking about disability.
Street Anthem
A music video performed by Hip Hop artist LAZ D who has Down syndrome. He performs his music against the backdrop of crime scenes, parking garages, and the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon.
Temple Grandin - DVD
This HBO movie tells the true story of a woman with autism who became a renowned animal scientist.
The Arc PSA - Respect
This TV commercial shows the importance of dignity and respect for people with intellectual disabilities. There is a link to watch it on YouTube.
The Butterfly Circus
A short film about a man with no arms or legs who begins to understand his self worth.
The Collector of Bedford Street
This is a documentary about a man with developmental disabilities who is very generous and caring. It tells how his generosity made him well-known in his neighborhood and how it sometimes got him in trouble.
The Gillian Film
This is a film about a young woman who has a developmental disability. She works at a local veterinary clinic, rides horses, and takes dance classes. When Gillian decides to move out, her mother must come to terms with letting go.
The House
This is a short film about the everyday lives of three women who have developmental disabilities. The women lived together in a group home in Great Britain. The film uses animation to show the women’s inner thoughts and feelings.
The Interviewer
This short film is about a man waiting to be interviewed a prestigious law firm who is surprised to find that his interviewer has Down syndrome.
The Key of G
This is an award-winning documentary about disability, caregiving and interdependence. It tells the story of a man with intellectual and physical disabilities.
The Kids Are All Right
This documentary was made by disability activist and former Jerry's Kids Mike Ervin. You can watch it online for free.
The Mighty
This website shares short videos that tell people's stories. There are stories about people with disabilities, as well as people with illnesses or other challenges.
The Music Within
"The Music Within" is a film based on a true story about a Vietnam veteran who returns from war with hearing loss and becomes a disability rights advocate.
The Office that Overslept
A short film created by an artist with Down Syndrome and animated by his father. The film is funny and you can watch it at youtube.com.
The Power of Words: How We Talk About People with Autism Spectrum Disorders Matters!
This DVD-ROM shows the power of words when talking about people who have autism.
The Punk Syndrome
This film is about a popular Finish punk rock band. All of the members have developmental disabilities.
The Ten Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities
This popular video has helped service providers and customer service personnel learn better behaviors.
The Visionaries - "No One Left Behind"
This documentary showcases Disability Rights International's work to end abuses in institutions and support local activists to make sure that all children with disabilities grow up in families in the community.
Think Beyond the Label
An advertising campaign making the business case for employing people with disabilities.
This Is YOUR Right
This DVD depicts a news show anchored by people with disabilities. It presents a thoughtful perspective on living with disability.
Through the Same Door: Inclusion Includes College
A 25-minute film about Micah Fialka-Feldman, a college student at Michigan's Oakland University, who has a cognitive disability. This film highlights inclusion in college settings.
Today's Man
This documentary film is about a 21-year-old man with Asperger's Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. He is finding his independent place in the world.
Tools for Change: A video-based curriculum building skills and knowledge in self-advocacy and disability rights.
A set of training units that teach people with disabilities and their allies about self-advocacy as a social movement. Each unit has a book with lots of information, a video, and ideas for group activities.
Triumph at Carville: A Tale of Leprosy in America
This is a documentary film about a leprosy colony that existed for over a century in Carville, Louisiana. Leprosy patients were segregated here, and after years of research on patients, a treatment for leprosy was found.
Unlikely Travellers
This film is about six people with disabilities who go on a two week trip to Egypt. It is controversial because some think it makes fun of people with disabilities.
Untold Desires
This film gives a strong and clear message that the sexuality of people with disabilities is as diverse as that of everyone else. It can be purchased as a DVD.
Up Syndrome
A film about one year in the life of Rene Moreno, a twenty-three year old man with Down Syndrome. You can watch the entire two hour film online for free.
Vectors of Autism: A Documentary about Laura Nagle
This 50-minute documentary film is about a 57-year old woman with autism.
We Thought You'd Never Ask: Voices of People with Autism
In this 30 minute film, six adults talk about issues related to living with autism.
We Watch the City: Stories in the Shadow of 9/11
This documentary video (DVD) shares the experiences of New Yorkers with developmental disabilities and those who supported them in the aftermath of 9/11.
When Bill met Shelley: No disability could keep them apart
This news article is about a couple named Bill and Shelley. It explains their marriage and how it came to be. There is also a 4 minute video.
Who Cares About Kelsey?
This is a documentary film following a high school senior with an ADHD diagnosis, history of homelessness and substance abuse. It shows what helps kids with behavioral challenges stay in school and graduate.
Without Apology
This is a documentary film about a boy sent to an institution and the resulting impact on the family.
World's Strongest Librarian
A blog from a man who is a weight lifter, librarian and has Tourette’s Syndrome. He is also an author and a national public speaker.
Wretches & Jabberers
This film is about two men who have autism and limited speech. They travel around the world talking with people about their views of autism.
This short film is about a 15-year-old girl with Down syndrome and her interest in sex.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
3 E Love (Embrace, Educate, Empower, Love Life)
This company developed a new logo to help people feel proud about their disabilities. It was started by a brother and sister and has many cool products.
Advocado Press
This publishing company has many books written by disability activists.
Anjali Dance Company
The Anjali Dance Company is a professional troupe and all the dancers are people who have disabilities.
BrightLights Theatre School
This inclusive theatre company is located in the United Kingdom. They have many videos of their work on Youtube.
CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities
This is a student organization at the City Universities of New York. They work both on campus and off to educate people about disabilities.
Disability & Media Alliance Project
This program promotes the accurate representation of people with disabilities in the media. It is run by the Disability Rights Education and Defense fund.
Disability is Natural
This organization is working to create new and positive ways of thinking about people with disabilities. It is led by a parent and has many products to sell.
Disability Studies at the University of Washington
The University of Washington offers both a major and a minor for undergraduate students interested in disability.
Human Policy Press
An independent press promoting positive attitudes towards people with disabilities.
I Define Me: Proud to Be Disabled
This short video shows what people with developmental disabilities want non-disabled people to know about what it is like to have a disability. You can watch it online for free.
Institute on Disability Culture
This Center promotes pride in the history, activities, and identity of people with disabilities.
It's Our Story
This program is creating an online database that gives people with disabilities a voice. The project will make thousands of videos, written testimonies and photographs from disability activists available online for free.
This organization helps businesses become more disability aware. They offer training and a way for businesses to earn their "Seal of Approval." Many of the people who work there are self-advocates.
Michael Steinbruck, Songwriter
Michael writes powerful songs about respect and inclusion. You can hear them on YouTube.
More Alike Than Different
This is a national campaign to change attitudes about people with Down Syndrome.
Museum of disAbility History
Museum in Buffalo, New York with a collection of disability history.
National Center on Disability and Journalism
This organization provides support and guidance for reporters as they cover news about people with disabilities.
Positive Exposure
An arts organization that uses photography to show the physical beauty of persons with disabilities. It is working to help everyone see how disabilities are making people beautiful in ways that most people do not notice, or think of as strange or ugly.
Realistic Reflections
This company sells images of people with disabilities in everyday life. The photos show people with disabilities, at work, at play, and with friends.
This organization hosts film festivals that promote awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories, and artistic expressions of people with different disabilities.
Scarlet Road
This film is about how sex workers can help people with disabilities. The producer of the film is also available to consult.
Sensory Friendly Films program
This program offered by AMC movie theaters makes their environment more accepting and comfortable for people with autism and other disabilities.
Shoot Your Mouth Off
This company makes films about issues important to self-advocates, and the actors are the people with disabilities who wrote the scripts. It is located in the United Kingdom.
Society for Disability Studies
An organization promoting interdisciplinary study of disability from many perspectives.
Spread the Word to End the Word
This is a campaign to stop people from using the "R" word. It is using social media to get lots of people involved.
Sprout Film Festival
A film festival that showcases films by, for, and about people with developmental disabilities
Storyline Motion Pictures
This small documentary film company makes films about often overlooked social issues. They have made films about disability rights.
This is an annual film festival held in San Francisco. All of the films featured are about people with disabilities.
The Arc Audi Racing Program
This program gives people with disabilities a taste of what it is like to be part of a fast-paced race crew.
This is What Disability Looks Like
This FaceBook page shows many images of people with disabilities living life. It counters the idea that disability is either a tragedy or an inspiration.
Welcome Change Productions
A film company that tells people's stories. They have made two films about people with disabilities. One was shown on HBO, the other on PBS.
Youth Organizing! Disabled & Proud
A program that connects, organizes and educates youth with disabilities.
Online Forums
Disability Scoop
This website provides the latest in disability news.
Developing Cultural Competence: Disability as Diversity, Disability Culture, Disability Awareness
These slides have ideas about disability and culture. They come from a talk about helping people with disabilities as they begin college.
Jerry Smith
Jerry produces documentary films and training programs in support of people with disabilities and their allies. Please visit our website to view sample movies.
Cameron Lasley (aka Laz-D) is a rap artist who has Down syndrome.
Life's Unlimited Zenith, LLC
A company owned by Luz Aponte, artist, trainer and advocate. She creates many products to sell, including greeting cards with inspirational messages. Luz also provides training in many areas, like the inclusion of everyone in events and activities.
Respectful Language Bookmark
This bookmark reminds everyone how language can be hurtful, or helpful to people with disabilities. It is available for download at no cost.
Snow Cake
A full length movie about a friendship between a woman with Autism and a man without a disability. It stared Sigourney Weaver and Allen Rickman.
The Eighth Day (Le Huitieme Jour)
This film is about the friendship between a businessman and a man with Down syndrome.
The Nth Degree
An entertaining catalog featuring products, designs, and stories of disability culture.
The Parent Side
This is an online store for products that promote inclusion of people with disabilities. They have many buttons, posters, and other things that use clear graphics to really get the message across.

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