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Provides information on ways to bring families together to share special times and create family memories, supporting siblings and other family members.

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Managed by: Yoshi Kardell (loui@covoh.org) of Human Services Research Insitute

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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger's - Expanded 2nd Edition
This book has many practical ideas to help children with Autism or Asperger's.
101 Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism The Most Crucial Things You need to Know About
This book has tips to help parents with an adolescent boy who has autism.
60 Social Situations and Discussion Starters to Help Teens on the Autism Spectrum Deal with Friendships, Feelings, Conflict and More
This book use real life examples to help people on the autism spectrum learn social skills.
A Client Called Noah
This book tells about Noah's transition from living with his family to living in a variety of institutional and group home settings during his teenage and young adult years. It shows how difficult it is for families to get support.
A Different Kind of Boy: A Father's Memoir About Raising a Gifted Child With Autism
This book tells a true story about raising a gifted child with autism.
A Life Beyond Reason
An article written by the father of a boy with severe cognitive and physical disabilities. The father talks about how his son has impacted his family's life.
A Process of Grief: The Reality of Grieving a Child with Complex Health Care Needs
This article is about parenting a child who is medically fragile.
A Spectrum of Light Inspirational Interviews with Families Affected by Autism
This book shares the stories of families that include a child with autism.
A Thorn in My Pocket: Temple Grandin's Mother Tells the Family Story
This book explains the experience of raising a child who had autism in the 1950's.
Abilities: Canada's Lifestyle Magazine for People with Disabilities
A quarterly magazine featuring many empowering and interesting articles for people with disabilities. It has many articles for families.
Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum: A Parent's Guide to the Cognitive, Social, Physical, and Transition Needs of Teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorders
This book talks about the developmental stages of a teenager with Asperger Syndrome.
Alex the Boy: Episodes from a family's life with autism
A book written by the father of a boy who was born premature and has autism. He talks about how their family handles issues such as eating, sleeping, school, and public behavior.
Appreciating Asperger Syndrome
This book explains the traits of people who have Asperger's syndrome. It tells the story of a mother and her son, as well as stories from others who have Asperger's.
As Up We Grew with Barbara
This is a common sense book written by a mother whose daughter has developmental disabilities. She talks about Barbara's growth and their adult relationship.
Aspergers from the Inside Out: A Supportive and Practical Guide for Anyone with Asperger's Syndrome
This book is written by a man with Asperger Syndrome who wasn't diagnosed until he was thirty six years old. His diagnosis came when his son was also found to be affected by the disorder.
Autism 24/7
This book offers parents many ideas about how to teach their sons and daughters new skills.
Autism and Asperger's Digest Magazine
This magazine has articles about the lives of people who have Autism or Asperger's Syndrome. Its target audiences are parents and professionals.
Autism Every Day: Over 150 Strategies Lived and Learned by an Autism Consultant and Mom
This book explains the joys and challenges of parenting a child who has autism.
Autism in the Family Caring and Coping Together
This book is about parenting a child with autism.
Autism is Not A Life Sentence: How One Family Took on Autism and Won!
This book is about a mother-daughter team who worked together to build a life of fulfillment and success. They did this not by beating autism, but by working with it.
Autism Spectrum Disorders from A to Z: Assessment, Diagnosis, and More
This book is a resource guide for symptoms, definitions, assessments and diagnoses of the variety of autism spectrum disorders. It has information for parents and professionals, and is also available in Spanish.
Becoming a Resilient Family: Child Disability and the Family System
This article gives ideas to help families grow closer and stronger when they find out their child has a disability.
Bringing up a challenging child at home: When love is not enough
This book tells a mother's story of raising a daughter with an intellectual disability who uses challenging behavior.
Can I tell you about Asperger Syndrome? A guide for friends and family
In this book, a young boy with Asperger Syndrome explains his disability. It is written for 7 to 15 year olds.
Carly's Voice: Breaking Through Autism
This book is about a young woman with autism. It was written by her dad with her help.
Catch a Falling Star: A tale from the Iris the Dragon Series
This book is written for children, from a child's viewpoint. It is about living with and rising above mental health problems. It can be downloaded for free as a PDF.
Children with Tourette Syndrome: A Parents' Guide, Second Edition
This book provides information to the parents of children and teens with Tourette Syndrome.
Circles of Support and Mutual Caring
This booklet has ideas on creating natural support networks for families in which a person with IDD and their older relative are providing essential supports for each other. This is often known as ‘mutual caring.’
Disabilities Studies Quarterly
This is the first journal in the field of Disability Studies.You can view all articles online for free.
Down Syndrome Families Aging Together as Life Expectancy Lengthens
This is a web-based article about aging and people who have Down syndrome. As people grow older, it is presenting new challenges for their families.
Down Syndrome Parenting 101 Must–Have Advice for Making Your Life Easier
This book is written for parents of a child with Down Syndrome. It covers the life span, except for the issues of elders.
Everybody is Different - A Book for Young People Who Have Brothers or Sisters with Autism
This children's book is written for siblings. It uses easy-to-understand to explain what it is like to have autism.
Exiting Nirvana: A Daughter's Life with Autism
This book offers a mother's description of her amazing daughter who has autism and is also a very successful artist.
Families of Adults with Autism: Stories and Advice for the Next Generation
This book has stories written by parents and siblings of people with autism.
Families, Infants, and Young Children at Risk: Pathways to Best Practice
This academic book is about helping infants, preschool age children, up to age 8, grow to be healthy.
Family Research Toolkit
This set of surveys addresses many aspects of family quality of life. Most are designed for use by researchers, but a few can be useful to families and counselors.
Getting to Grips with Asperger Syndrome Understanding Adults on the Autism Spectrum
This book is about adults with Asperger Syndrome.
Grandparenting a Child with Autism
This is a book for grandparents, extended family members, and friends of children with autism.
Grandparenting a Child with Special Needs
This book has advice on being a grandparent to a child with a disability.
Gravity Pulls You In: Perspectives on Parenting Children on the Autism Spectrum
This book shares the experience of parenting children with autism. It does this by sharing 33 real life stories
A newsletter with articles on research, current trends in services, and success stories. Each issue has a specific focus area important to persons with disabilities.
Inclusion in a Faith Community
This fact sheet gives families ideas on ways to find the right congregation and ensure inclusion for people with disabilities.
Just this side of normal
This is a powerful story of a parent's search for understanding in a world that sometimes makes no sense. It was one of the first books written by a parent about what it is like to raise a child with autism.
Life at the Edge and Beyond Living with ADHD and Asperger Syndrome
This book is about a mother's experiences with having a son who has Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD.
Married with Special-Needs Children A Couples' Guide to Keeping Connected
This book is written for couples who have a child with special needs. It offers ideas on keeping a strong relationship through many challenges.
Meeting the Needs of Diverse Family Caregivers
This report is about the issues faced by African American and Hispanic family caregivers when people are admitted to the hospital and how they can be supported when people go home. The full text can be downloaded as a PDF file.
More Than a Mom: Living a Full and Balanced Life When Your Child has Special Needs
A book which explores how women can lead rich, fulfilling personal lives while parenting a child with special needs.
Move Experience Engage Calendar
This calendar encourages people to try a variety of activities that promote health and well-being. The activities also increase awareness of the community and holiday traditions.
Moving On Without Parents: Planning, Transitions and Sources of Support for Middle-Aged and Older Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
This book is about planning for the care of adults with disabilities.
My Brother is Special, My Brother Has Autism: A story about acceptance
This book is for children who have a family member with a disability. It is the hope of the author that it will assist parents, teachers, and other adults, in helping children to cope in these situations.
My Son Fred - Living with Autism: How Could You Manage? I Couldn't. I Did It Anyway
This book is a mother's story about living with her son Fred. Fred has an intellectual disability and autism.
News from the Border: A mother's memoir of her autistic son
This book tells the true story of a boy with autism who went to college.
Optimistic Parenting: Hope and Help for You and Your Challenging Child
This book will help the parents of children with challenging behaviors and special needs learn how to best support them, and improve family harmony.
Partnering Together
This quarterly newsletters offers information on supports and activities for families in the Missouri area.
Raising Martians - from Crash-landing to Leaving Home: How to Help a Child with Asperger Syndrome or High-functioning Autism
This book is written by a man who has Asperger's Syndrome about his experiences growing up.
Ready, Set, Potty!
A book about toilet training and toddlers, children and adults who have disabilities.
Reflections From A Different Journey: What Adults With Disabilities Want All Parents to Know
This book has a collection of 40 essays written by adults with various disabilities. Each has advice for parents of children with disabilities.
Retarded Isn't Stupid, Mom!
This book tells the true story of a young woman with intellectual disabilities who grew up to be very independent. It was written by her mother who had her doubts at first.
Road Map to Holland: How I Found My Way Through My Son's First Two Years With Down Syndrome
A book about a mother's experience raising a child with Down syndrome.
Role of spirituality and religion in family quality of life for families of children with disabilities
In this scholarly article, the authors looked at how spirituality and religion helped with family quality of life.
Scoop Essentials: Disclosing Disability, Tackling a Dicey Proposition
This online article has advice for parents of children and adolescents. It gives ideas on when, and how to tell others about their son or daughter's disability.
Self Before Sex–Perspectives on Support, Self-Esteem and Sexuality
This book chapter is written from a parent point-of-view, with invited contributions from five adults who have Down syndrome. It appears in Dr. Sig Pueschel's book, "Adults with Down Syndrome."
Sexuality and Disability: A Guide for Parents
This booklet is to help parents talk to their children about sex, sexuality and people with disabilities.
Siblings of Children with Autism A Guide for Families Third Edition
Written to parents, this book is about helping the siblings of children with autism.
Special Children, Challenged Parents The Struggles and Rewards of Raising a Child with a Disability, Revised Edition
This book explains a father's emotions around having a child with a disability.
Supporting Families When Parents Have Intellectual Disabilities
This booklet is about helping parents who have disabilities.
The Autism Encyclopedia
This textbook defines many terms important to those who care about people with autism.
The Boy in the Moon: A Father's Journey to Understand His Extraordinary Son
This book was written by the father of a boy with intellectual and physical disabilities.
The Broken Cord
This book tells the true story of Adam who grew up with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. it is written by his adoptive father.
The Child Preference Indicators
This assessment tool helps professionals learn the true preferences and abilities of children. It is completed with lots of input from families.
The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome
This book explains Asperger Syndrome. It is a handbook and manual.
The Down Syndrome Issues and Information Series
This series of books explains many different parts in the life of someone with Down Syndrome.
The Horse Boy: A Father's Quest to Heal His Son
This story was written by a father whose son has autism. His family travels to Mongolia to find a way to enter into their son's world. This story is available as a book, and as a documentary film.
The Long Ride Home: The Continuing Story of a Father's Quest to Heal his Son Rowan
This is the true story of a father and his son who has autism. They travel the world to find out how horses can help. It is a sequel to the book and movie named "The Horse Boy."
The Parents with Disabilities and Their Teens Project Final Report
This report summarizes a survey done of parents both with and without disabilities. It asked questions about family life and the challenges of being a parent.
The Ride Together
This is a book about growing up with a brother who has Autism. It was written by a brother & sister who each tells the story in a different way. The sister uses words while the brother uses cartoons.
The Unplanned Journey: When You Learn That Your Child Has a Disability
This web-based article has ideas to support parents after learning that their child has a disability. Many of the ideas focus on helping the entire family.
There's A Boy In Here: Emerging from the Bonds of Autism
This is an autobiography written by a young man and his mother.
Through the Eyes of Aliens
This book talks about how it feels to have autism. It is written by a woman with that label.
Understanding Cerebral Palsy A Guide for Parents and Professionals 1st edition
This book explains cerebral palsy, and the support needs of people who have it.
Understanding Families: Supportive Approaches to Diversity, Disability, and Risk - Second Edition
This book talks about the things that makes each family unique. It also covers how those differences matter when one family member has a disability.
Understanding Fragile X Syndrome A Guide for Families and Professionals
This book explains Fragile X Syndrome in both a scientific and practical way. It has ideas to help families.
Unlocked, A Family Emerging from the Shadows of Autism
This book is about a mother and her son, who has autism. It shows how autism can affect parents and families.
Voices From the Spectrum: Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, People With Autism, And Professionals Share Their Wisdom
This book shares sixty personal accounts from people on the autism spectrum and those who care for them—parents, family members, and professionals.
What Siblings Would Like Parents and Service Providers to Know
This document lists 20 things that the brothers and sisters of people with disabilities want their parents and service providers to know about their experience.
When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect: A Guide to DS-ASD for Parents and Professionals
This book is about people have both Down Syndrome and Autism.
X Stories: The Personal Side of fragile X syndrome
This book has writings from the families and caregivers of people with fragile X syndrome.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
This film is about the challenges that families face when they provide care in the home for their loved ones who have developmental disabilities.
A Bit Missing Blog
This is a blog written by a mother whose adult son has an intellectual disability.
This website has a lot of information for supporting the healthy development of children with disabilities.
Autism Spectrum Connection
A website with resources for families, individuals, and medical professionals who deal with the challenges of autism.
Autism Times Two
This DVD is about a family with two sons who have autism. They have developed an enviable system of supports for school, home and community for their family.
This is a website about many aspects of autism. On the website are articles related to current information involving autism.
Autism: Warming To Its Cold Embrace
This DVD was made by a father whose son has autism.
Best Boy
This video tells the true story of Philly, a man with an intellectual disability. The story shows his parents failing health, and Philly's entry into the adult services system. There were two follow-up videos made about Philly and his sister.
Best Man
This movie follows Philly 20 years after he moves into a group home. Told by his cousin, Ira Wohl, this movie describes how Philly becomes more independent. It also shares Philly's integration into the Jewish community and religious life at age 70.
Beyond Our Boundaries Virtual Tours
These DVDs present opportunities to see other places for people not able to travel.
Caregiver Guide to Special Needs
This web-based guide has questions and answers about what it's like to care for children with special needs. It is written mostly to parents.
Children With Autism
This DVD and viewer's guide explains autism for parents and foster parents. It also has information about developmental delay, Functional Behavior Assessment, Asperger syndrome, and medical issues.
Children's Disabilities Information
This website has many articles to help parents. Its tagline is "Essential articles and resources empower parents of children with disabilities and special needs."
Cocktails with Ben
This movie tells the story of an amazing young man with Williams Syndrome named Ben Monkaba. It is narrated by his mother.
Coping with Disaster: A Second Guide for Parents and Other Caregivers of Children with Cognitive Disabilities
This article explains how parents can support their children with disabilities after a disaster. It emphasizes that parents need to manage their own stress in order to help their children.
Dad's In Heaven With Nixon
This film is about a boy’s journey from the darkness of brain damage, to a diagnosis of autism, to his life today as an acclaimed artist. It is also about his father's mental illness, the damage it caused, and the ultimate triumph of the human spirit.
Discover Camp!
A website for families preparing to select a summer camp for their child with disabilities.
Down Wit Dat
This is a web-based community for parents of children with Down Syndrome. It began as a blog written by a mom, and now includes a Facebook page, a Facebook discussion group, as well as a Twitter account.
Epilepsy: Having A Life
This training film is about epilepsy. It shares important information for caregivers and others.
Fathers' Voices
This film profiles four men who are raising children with developmental disabilities.
How Come You Walk Funny?
This documentary film is about a kindergarten program in Canada. Though it is designed for kids with disabilities, some parents are enrolling their kids without disabilities.
This website has online lessons to help adults with intellectual disabilities build friendships. There are also informational articles for families and educators.
Informing Families: Today and Tomorrow
This website has information on the developmental tasks of people with disabilities at six stages in life. It also explains the resources available to help.
Keith and Daniel
This short film tells the story of two brothers who have significant disabilities.
My Child Without Limits
This website has a lot of good information for parents. It explains many developmental disabilities, and the services and supports that are available to help. Finally, it offers many action steps for parents.
My Favorite Child
This short film profiles the life of Dwight Core, Jr. who has Down syndrome and spent many years of his life in an institution. The film shows the love his family has for him, and the difficulty his parents had in placing him in an institution.
My Flesh and Blood
This film documents a year in the life of the Tom family--single mother Susan Tom, her two biological children, and her eleven adopted children with disabilities.
Partners for Planning
This agency helps families plan for the future through offering training and support. They also have a great website with many useful resources.
Paul H. Brookes, Inc.
This is a publisher of many books about issues in support provision with people who have developmental disabilities
Rachel is
A documentary film that follows a young woman with developmental disabilities as she seeks to live more independently. The filmmaker was her sister.
Raising Renee
This film is about Renee, who has an intellectual disability, and her sister Beverly who decides to help Renee after their mother dies.
Refrigerator Mothers
This video shares stories of women who raised children with autism in the 1950s and 60s. Back then, mothers were blamed if their sons or daughters had autism.
A short film about Rodney, a man with disabilities who forces his family to understand how he sees things. He shows his independence by working towards his driver's license.
This website has many resources for families with children with disabilities.
The Children's Link
The Children's Link is a website with a lot of information for families who have a special needs child or adult. It focuses on resources available in Calgary, Alberta.
The Horse Boy: A Father's Quest to Heal His Son
This story was written by a father whose son has autism. His family travels to Mongolia to find a way to enter into their son's world. This story is available as a book, and as a documentary film.
The Other Sister
This Hollywood movie is about a woman with a developmental disability who moves out on her own and meets a boyfriend. It has ideas about self-determination and families.
The Teachings of Jon
A film about a 40-year old man with Down Syndrome who doesn't speak, and how a family allowed themselves to change, grow and succeed because of him. You can see some previews on YouTube.
The Ties that Bind
This is a film about the struggles of a young man and his family as he transitions to a more independent life.
Toilet Training for Children with Special Needs
This DVD provides core principles and practical techniques for successful toilet training with children who have special needs.
This online tool brings family and friends together around a person who needs support.
When Parents Can't Fix It: Living With a Child's Disability
This film looks at the lives of five families who have children with disabilities. It shows the problems they face, and the rewards and stresses of adapting to their child's condition.
Without Apology
This is a documentary film about a boy sent to an institution and the resulting impact on the family.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Australian Family and Disability Studies Research Collaboration Faculty of Health Sciences
This Center does research about people with disabilities. They are especially interesting in studying youth with disabilities, and parents who have disabilities. Their website has a lot of great information.
Autism Society of America
This national organization is dedicated to increasing public awareness about autism. It provides information, education, and advocacy.
Beyond Our Boundaries Virtual Tours
These DVDs present opportunities to see other places for people not able to travel.
Center for Disability Information and Referral
This Center is a primary source of quality information on disability for residents of Indiana.
Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands (DSA)
This agency improves the lives of individuals and families who are touched by Down syndrome through providing educational workshops and family-based leisure opportunities.
High Tide Press & Cherry Hill Bookstore
A publisher of fascinating books in many leading-edge areas.
National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
This online database has lots of information for families of children with disabilities through 2013 when its funding ended. The archived information is still available online and is even being updated.
National Down Syndrome Society
A national organization for persons with Down Syndrome and their families
National Resource Center on ADHD
This organization shares for and about people with ADHD. They have a great website and an office near Washington, D.C.
PACER's Housing Project
This program shares housing information with the parents of youth and young adults with disabilities. It helps them understand their son's/daughter's rights and options for community living as adults. It has a great website.
Parent to Parent -- A National Network of Parent Support Programs
Parent to Parent programs provide information and support to parents/caregivers of family members with disabilities.
Partners for Planning
This agency helps families plan for the future through offering training and support. They also have a great website with many useful resources.
Peak Parent Center
An organization especially for family members of persons with developmental disabilities that offers many publications and information
Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association
This organization provides support, educational events, and social events for people with Down syndrome and their families.
Sibling Support Project
This network provides support to the brothers and sisters of people with disabilities. It is known for starting the "Sibshops" program, and also has places where siblings can share stories online.
Stone Soup Group
This organization is devoted to sustaining the well-being of Alaskan children and families with disabilities.
Washington State Fathers Network
This organization is run by and for fathers of kids and adults who have disabilities. It offers dads information, mutual support, and social opportunities.
Online Forums
Caring for Lauren: A mother's journey as caregiver for a young woman with developmental disabilities.
This blog was written by the mother of Lauren-a young person with multiple disabilities. It shared the struggles and joys of caring for Lauren, and also self-direction from the caregiver viewpoint. The blog was discontinued in 2011, but is still powerful.
Life With Trig: Sarah Palin on Raising a Special-Needs Child
Sarah Palin wrote a short article about life with her son Trig, who has Down syndrome.
People Who Can Help
Tamar Heller
Dr. Heller directs a large institute and academic program devoted to disability studies and social policy and a national research and training center on aging with developmental disabilities. She has published over 150 publications focusing on aging a...

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