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A place to go for help in finding specific information. Several options are provided for searching for resources.

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Managed by: Webmaster of Research and Training Center on Community Living, University of Minnesota

Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (31 Products)
Electronic Media (7 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (2 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
A Beginner's Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders Essential Information for Parents and Professionals
This short book helps parents and others learn more about children with autism.
A Comprehensive Guide to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 2nd Edition
This is a textbook with a broad range of information about people with intellectual disabilities. It also has information helpful to family members, educators, social workers, researchers, and health professionals.
Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community's Assets
This guide summarizes lessons learned in successful community-building initiatives across the United States.
Career Development, Employment, and Disability in Rehabilitation: From Theory to Practice
This book is about employment and people with disabilities. It is written for vocational rehabilitation students.
CARF - Managing Outcomes
Geared to employment and community services, this publication provides a how-to guide to implement an outcomes system.
CARF - Transition from School to Work and Community Services
A road map to building quality services for young people with disabilities as they transition from school to work.
CARF - Using Individual-Centered Planning for Self-Directed Services
An easy-to-understand guide of essential elements for individual-centered planning of services based on the preferences and needs of the persons receiving services.
CARF 2012 ECS Standards Manual
The Standards Manual can be used as a blueprint to providing quality employment and community services, including day habilitation, community living services, assistive technology, and workforce development services.
Characteristics of Selective Mutism: Evidence For An Anxiety Related Etiology
This book provides the answers to many questions about Selective Mutism. The information is based on survey research done involving over 400 families.
Children and Youth Assisted by Medical Technology in Educational Settings: Guidelines for Care
This textbook provides guidelines for nurses and others in school settings that support children with medical needs.
Children with Disabilities, Seventh Edition
This is a college textbook about different types of disabilities.
Developing Cross-Cultural Competence A Guide for Working with Children and Their Families, Fourth Edition
This book is about supporting families from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Dictionary of Developmental Disabilities Terminology, Third Edition
A dictionary that has definitions of more than 4,000 disability terms.
Disability and Religious Diversity: Cross-Cultural and Interreligious Perspectives
This book is about culture, disability, and religion.
Epilepsy Across the Spectrum: Promoting Health and Understanding
This public health report identifies actions for improving the lives of those with epilepsy.
Equity and Full Participation for Individuals with Severe Disabilities
This book prepares professionals to strengthen supports and services for people with disabilities across the lifespan.
Going It Alone: The Struggle to Expand Affordable Housing for People with Disabilities
An assessment of what is and isnít working in local communities to expand affordable housing opportunities for people with disabilities.
Intellectual Disability and Social Inclusion
This book talks about how hard it can be for people with disabilities to find health care and social services. It focuses on issues in the United Kingdom.
Intellectual Disability: Definition, Classification, and Systems of Supports (11th Edition)
This book is the most recent classification and diagnosis system for persons with intellectual disability.
Mental Health in Intellectual Disabilities: A reader (4th Edition)
This academic book from the United Kingdom is about mental health problems as they appear in people who have intellectual disabilities.
Mini-MAX Userís Guide
This document explains a research-friendly Medicaid database.
Piecing It All Together: Playing the Housing Game
This guidebook provides answers to key questions about the federally mandated Consolidated Plan, which provides millions of dollars for affordable housing to states and cities every year.
Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability: A Practical Manual
This book is written for practitioners.
Pursuing Postsecondary Education Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities
A guide for people with disabilities and families about choosing and attending the right university, community college, or technical college.
The ABC-CLIO Companion to the Disability Rights Movement
This book provides a general introduction to the many influences on the Disability Rights Movement.
The Faces of Intellectual Disability Philosophical Reflections
This book examines the reasons why people with intellectual disabilities have been treated badly over time. It is grounded in philosophy.
The Handbook of High-Risk Challenging Behaviors in People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
This is a graduate-level textbook.
The Oxford Handbook of Intellectual Disability and Development
This is a book about intellectual disability based on research done in recent years. It is written in a very dense, academic style.
The Stigma of Disease and Disability: Understanding Causes and Overcoming Injustices
This scholarly book examines how people with disabilities are held back by the attitudes of others.
Understanding Disability: Inclusion, Access, Diversity, and Civil Rights
This is an introductory textbook about disability. It discusses many aspects of how people with disabilities get along in the world, including their social role.
Understanding Health Experiences Of Women With Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
This book reviews the health concerns of women as they grow older. It is a Ph.D. dissertation.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
CARF - Designing Ethical Practices for Quality Services
This publication will assist you in establishing ethical practices in your organization as required by the CARF standards.
Conducting Surveys with Proxies: Evaluating a Standardized Measure to Determine Need
A paper about a new measure that is used to determine the need for a proxy when answering interview questions for a survey.
Disability and Health Data System
An online system that provides a lot of disability statistics in the United States.
National Rehabilitation Information Center
This website has information about all of the many research and demonstration projects funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) over the past 10 years in an accessible format.
Resources on Community Support and Inclusion
This webpage gives a listing of journal articles and other resources that support community integration and community inclusion for people with disabilities. Most were created through the Center on Human Policy at Syracuse University between 1989-2006.
A website that includes full copies of United States Laws and proceedings of Congress from throughout history.
U.S. General Accounting Office
The General Accounting Office prepares comprehensive reports on many issues for use by members of the United States Congress. These reports are generally available to the public.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Disability and Health Data System
An online system that provides a lot of disability statistics in the United States.
Supports Intensity Scale
An assessment tool that evaluates practical support requirements of a person with an intellectual disability.

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