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Computer-Based Multimedia
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Contains information on computer-based media for learning about quality of life and person-centered services, including CD-ROM-based materials and useful software. Some materials listed in this department may also be available for preview in the Multimedia Screening Room of the Quality Cinema.

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Managed by: Webmaster of Research and Training Center on Community Living, University of Minnesota

Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (2 Products)
Electronic Media (29 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (2 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
Being a Healthy Adult: How to Advocate for Your Health and Health Care
The purpose of this guidebook is to help young adults with disabilities learn how to become effective self-advocates for their health and health care.
Children with Disabilities, Seventh Edition
This is a college textbook about different types of disabilities.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
A Special Outing Parts 1 and 2
These online videos are about a support group for people with intellectual disabilities who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning.
Abuse and Neglect of Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities
This CD-Rom has training for DSPs.
Accommodating Employees with Disabilities
This is a training prgraom on a DVD which shows common examples of how to recognize and respond to requests for job accomodations in familiar job settings.
Addressing Cognitive and Functional Decline
This CD is about aging with intellectual disability.
After Purgatory? Photographic Collages
This photo collage series represents individual and shared experiences of of artists with disabilities in today’s disability services system.
Autism and Me
This is an award-winning short film by Rory Hoy, an 18-year-old filmmaker with autism. You can watch an online sample for free, then buy a copy if you want.
Beyond Our Boundaries Virtual Tours
These DVDs present opportunities to see other places for people not able to travel.
Consumer Direction in Personal Assistance, Home Care Training
This is a video/CD for Personal Assistants supporting persons who direct their own care.
Conversations that Matter
This website has many short video presentations about person-centered planning and supports. They have been done by experts in the field.
Dollars & Sense
These CD-ROMs use real life examples to teach about living within a budget.
DSP Certification: Who, How, and Why?
This CD introduces the idea of credentialing DSPs who understand how to support people who have both intellectual and mental health disabilities.
Hallmarks of Good Mental Health DVD
This DVD is about mental health and comes with a teacher's guide. It is meant for adolescents but has good ideas for everyone.
How to Use a Psychiatrist
This CD is about what to expect from a psychiatrist.
Intellectual Disability and Sexual Expression: Understanding and Protecting Needs, Knowledge, and Rights
This CD proposes a person-centered approach to teaching people about sex.
Leadership in the History of the Developmental Disabilities Movement
A multimedia, wiki website on leadership in the history of the developmental disabilities movement.
Make Work a Part of Your Plan Webinar Series
This webinar series covers information about meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities, focusing on Minnesota.
Moving on
This DVD shares five stories about people with disabilities. The stories are about relationships and sexuality.
Not Special Needs
In this short film, self-advocates describe a new perspective on having "special needs."
Positioning, Turning and Transferring
This video (DVD) teaches staff basic principles of body mechanics, positioning techniques and guidelines, as well as the importance of dignity and respect.
Practical Functional Assessment
The website is primarily designed for Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and the families, teachers, and other clients they support who are interested in developing function-based treatments for problem behavior.
Role Models for Youth with Disabilities
This CD-Rom lets young people with disabilities see adults with disabilities in the working world.
Serving Crime Victims with Disabilities
These videos focus on meeting the needs of people with physical and developmental disabilities who have been victims of crime -- a problem sometimes ignored by government and community agencies.
Social Disabilities in the Workplace
This is a CD about helping people whose disabilities make it hard to "fit-in" at work.
The Community Imperative Video
A video record of a national conference held in 2002 affirming the rights of people with developmental disabilities to live in the community. You can watch it online.
The Inclusive Rec Resource Ctr: Helping All People Play Wherever They Choose
This CD is a webinar about recreation.
Update on Psychotropics and Elders with ID
This CD is about perhaps not giving more medicine to older persons with intellectual disabilities along with changes in behavior.
Utah Young Adult Panel 2007
A video of a panel of youth with disabilities in Utah, and their recommendations to doctors when transitioning youth with disabilities.
Vision Library for Enhancing Quality of Life
This CD-ROM has many PowerPoint slides. They are about improving quality of life for people with disabilities.
Webinar: Positive Supports and Cross Systems Crisis Intervention Planning
This webinar talks about positive behaviors supports and crisis intervention planning for people with I/DD.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Beyond Our Boundaries Virtual Tours
These DVDs present opportunities to see other places for people not able to travel.
Program Development Associates (DisabilityTraining.Com)
This organization distributes a wide variety of training materials.

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